I'm experimenting with this web page so things might not always work, but oh well.. who cares #amiright?

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You have reached the home page for Ms. Frilly Angelica Perduta's web presence. Use the drop-down index on the left for site navigation.

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If you take issue with anything on this website, your first line of action should be to raise the issue with me directly, and I will see what I can do about it.

My personal blogs & channels

Angelica's disqus
There are many interesting discussions using the disqus forum plug-in, and I created one for my alt Demonica Perduta too. Beware of look-a-like impostor accounts. Trouble makers have tried to frame me by impersonation... if in doubt check my posting history which I keep public
Angelica's Wordpress
Wordpress does not practice censorship, unless you get a court order, so I shall be using them for blogging in the near future. Hostile comments from accounts suspected as fake identities are liable to be treated with contempt and will be deleted.


I am abandoning consistent accounts on social media forums as they come under attack by hostile trolls and false flag campaigns from mobs of unidentified haters. To be greeted by a wall of toxic hate speech and finding my account unexpectedly disabled, is not my ideal of intelectual discussion.

Hash Tags #

trans misogyny

Both religeous extermists and radical feminists are sources of trans misogyny. I started using hashtag #TransWomenAgainstFeminism on various social media to denounce and oppose our demonization and persecution.

T shirt

The United Anti Feminist Coalition has shown to be trans-inclusive, by accepting my hash tag on a coffee mug and T shirt design.

The above hash tag is explicit, but quite a lot to type, especially on Twitter (where tweet length is limited), so as false flag abuse can easily get an account shut down I intend to use the following hash tags:

Acronym for Trans Women Against Feminism
My personal channel(s).
Defying transactivist idiocy.

This will make it possible to find any new accounts I make if I am present on social media that support hash tags (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Youtube). Do keep in mind that anyone else can use them too, including those with malevolent intent.

Lo♡e from Angelica 💋