Public Notice 26-August-2016

I have been receiving nuisance phone calls that have number withheld. Every time I answer, they hang up. I have no way to block number withheld calls, so this is just a notice that I won't be answering them, and if you want to talk to me, then don't withhold your number.

Mine is +64 21 1249310 and I will block you if you harass me.

My Sites

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about this web site

You have reached the home page for Ms. Frilly Angelica Perduta's web presence. In the first instance, this website serves as my central repository for files that I reference from a variety of different places, and for different purposes.

The drop-down index on the left, includes some pages that I wish to share with you here, but in general the documents stored, are not linked into to hypertext hierarchy of this page: They should be accessed through the appropriate URL that will be used elsewhere.

My personal blogs & channels

I like Facebook for discussions, finding new friends and keeping in touch. It's also good for videos. I particularly like the ability to add links, and images, in comments that I post. To avoid flooding my friends with stuf that might not interest them, I have split my posting over groups and communities that are specific to different topics.
I used to use Google+ and Youtube as online social media, but avoid it now due to stalkers and cyber bullying. One advantage Google still has is that what we post there shows up in web searches.
This is where I upload home-made videos. There may be comments from haters and trolls on my videos, I don't bother tidying them up as I think people should see what us nice decent trans girls have to put up with on a daily basis.
Angelica's disqus
There are many interesting discussions using the disqus forum plug-in, and I created one for my alt Demonica Perduta too. Beware of look-a-like impostor accounts. Trouble makers have tried to frame me by impersonation... if in doubt check my posting history which I keep public

My forums

traNZgender - Facebook group
Originally intended to discuss discrimination against transgender people I changed it to be inclusive of cisgender people, and discuss all gender related issues, from right across the gender divide.
feminist101 - Facebook group
To expose modern-day feminism as the sexist hate cult that it has become.
Photographic Antipodes - Google+ community
I'm making a special interest photographic group, and anyone is welcome to join. Google+ is perfect for this is it lets us filter posts and pictures by topic.
Misandry & Gynocentrism - Google+ community
The aim is to post memes and links to articles and videos that illustrate how male people are marginalized in society while only the welfare of female people seems to be considered. The organization by topics should help to use it as quick reference.
because vagina
This is my Wordpress extension of Feminist101. Here I respond in kind to transphobic misandrist haters in a way that might violate Facebook standards.
my personal Wordpress
I document my struggles against inequitable authorities a corrupt & dysfunctional legal system as well as morally destitute relatives.
Twitter has become my repository for memes, both of my own creation and others that impress me. Feel free to link or copy them.
When something grabs my attention, I pin it to one of my boards and come back to it later. I hope to start making better use of this.


T shirt

The social media campaign Women Against Feminism would not include me or let me post there. They didn't say why, but I realized that cisgender women might have very different reasons, from those of a transgender woman such as myself, for opposing feminism.

I started using hashtag #TransWomenAgainstFeminism on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter to identify my campaigns against the inidious hate cult that modernday Feminism has become. The United Anti Feminism Coalition has been more accomodating and included my design and hash tag on a coffee mug and T shirt and I really appreciate the significance of trans inclusion.

Lo♡e from Angelica 💋