When I recently came out as M2F transgender in public again, at first I wore lots of makeup. I also edited my photos to try and pass better as a female person. However #TransPride is about not being shamed for being trans. I believe we have a unique androgynous beauty of our own.

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I'm a mature woman now. My transition is not sexually motivated. I have no desire to be anybody's bimbo sex-object. I just want to feel confident and gain some self esteem for a change. I am loving that I can finally enjoy the fashions I always envied other women for and I'm not going to let bigots shame me for it.

Uncanny Valley

trans woman celebrates woman's day When I first started my online presence I was aware of the dangers, so I tried to remain anonymous. I used my favorite Bratz® doll as avatar, because their passion for fashion inspired me.

Others however told me they thought my dolls looked creepy and they didn't like the way I edited my photos, or did my makeup either.

... uncanny valley is the hypothesis that human replicas which appear almost, but not exactly, like real human beings elicit feelings of eeriness and revulsion among some observers.

Photography, Fashion and Memes

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I am very clear in my own mind what fashion's I like, but not having grown up with it, I am a bit naive when it comes to how society at large will perceive me. Thus I am prone to make many mistakes. For instance, recently someone commented on one of my photos in the photofeeler dating category:
Can't get past the hair and pose. It seems a bit ridiculous. I think they'll attract people who won't take them seriously.

woah there

I do however have a lot of life experiences to share, but many remain neither willing to listen, nor to think beyond the stale, sexist social justice dogma that our culture has drummed in to them since early childhood.

I started making memes featuring my selfies and a simple text just to get people thinking about what the real truth might actually be, as some people can be uncomfortable, with these I moved them to my alt's site.

Self Esteem

From time to time I will add style-selfies to my slide show here or in the comment section below. Genuine replies and constructive criticism will be accepted in the spirit they are intended. Please do understand I'm not young and not trying to look sexy.

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When I first transitioned one of the things I most enjoyed was to explore feminine fashions. Male fashions are just sooo dreary.