ewww What consenting adults do with each other is simply NOYFB. However gay pride events continue to parade sexual behavior in a provocative manner that many would not find acceptable from straight people.

This page addresses Trans Pride which is not really part of that at all: It's not about being "proud" or confrontational.

Passing Privilege

Passing as had we been born the opposite sex is the holy grail for many young tans people, but IMO that would be more like surrendering to societal impositions.

Look! This is me. sumner sidewalk OK, so I'm trans. art center I go about my own business without shame. hagley wild flowers
I'm happy and just as human as anyone else!

Trans pride is not about shocking people, nor getting them to confront their prejudice. Trans pride is about not having to hide in the closet, about transcending cripling low self esteem. Let people see us for who we are, and not for whom they think we might be.