Resource Management

fresh yellow roses
fresh yellow roses

Rescales large image files

Many images like the ones straight from your camera can be large and would result in poor performance when rendering a page. This framework creates an image of adequate, but reduced, resolution from the actual resources and keeps it on hand in the /images/ folder to speed up future page load (e.g. see image in the header above). There is a similar smaller size cache going on for thumbnails that are in the /thumb/ folder.

Protected Documents

The content of all the pages in my framework are protected so that they can only be accessed as part of that framework and not individually, or directly over the internet. Even access to original images and other linked documents in the page hierarchy is done by a temporary link. TODO: expire the links somehow. Proper links don't record their time of creation while symbolic links don't bypass the folder protection.

Here for instance is a link to a pdf document that will be displayed in a pop-up aside frame using such a link. TODO: add facility to turn on and off document linking, possibly only for registered users. TODO: Sort out closing the aside frame because having the thumbnail legend protruding to click again is an ugly solution.