Cancel Culture

since the subject was raised of "culture"

A deranged cyber troll, seething with malice

The troll I mention here has been on an obsessive personal crusade of vindictive malice against me for about 12 years now. She has perpetrated doxxing, slander, physical assault, incited targeted harassment and abused authorities with unknown motive, but the history and personal details will be more appropriate for a separate chapter.

Warrior Culture

In the wake of the Covid19 "pandemic" the Labour government has pledged hundreds of millions of dollars to advancing Maōri specific issues. Billions are being added to the national debt while a crippled economy had no way pay for it, so what exactly do our virtue signaling leftist elites think they are achieving by inculcating our once proud Maōri people with a pathetic special needs victim narrative? Regardless Covid19, watching this video, the harm they do is blatantly obvious to me... it's counter productive. Treat them the same as everyone else I say!

Locked Up Warriors

An Open Discussion

I had watched these videos a while back on Youtube. It's about genuine archaeological research into the pacific peoples. One of the salient issues is the work having being dismissed and censored, purely because it doesn't fit the current PC narrative that is in vogue today to foster racial grievances and tensions in New Zealand.

I was pleased when Bodhi Mantra mirrored them to their Bitchute channel as finally it might be possible to discuss it, without shadow bans and censorship on trumped-up allegations of racism.

Baiter with Malevolent Intent

There the trolling started with an attack against someone who was posting sensibly and on topic. The troll derails the discussion onto "cultural differences" and denigrates them as lacking respect and speaking from a position of ignorant privilege: An attack on the person rather than what they say!

Randy Rowe - dastrev

What you fail to appreciate is Cultural differences. And respect for them. 'Righting historical wrongs' done to 'indigenous' people who all died long ago, in the context you use it, is ignorant at best. I don't expect you to understand being born into a privileged home and environment whereby you were elevated yourself without even knowing it...

So I responded that systemic entitlements based on racism would be elitist privilege, that would not deserve respect. Well predictably, Randy's vituperative projections now turn on me, even though I had not mentioned skin color, nor Maōri, nor did I demonize, vilify or state a negative stereotype (whatever one of those might be).

Randy Rowe - Angelica

... Are you claiming that because the Maori are Black? That makes you rascist. Do you even know anything about the cultures and Traditions of tangata whenua? If you did you would have respect for them. Instead you spiel demonisation, villification and negative stereotypes...

Well e-drama gets boring and so I won't post the full discussion, but just a few highlights to give the gist of it. Here is one of mine:

Angelica - Randy Rowe

Culture doesn't make a race, you eejit. Anyone can adopt any "cultural" practices they please as long as they are legal. I didn't "demonize" anyone, but it doesn't mean I have to "respect" whatever they do.

For instance I don't respect the cultural practice of throwing gay people off high buildings or stoning female rape victims to death for infidelity. I hope we keep those illegal in my country.

Now if you want to spout on about "warrior culture" you need to watch the video to understand where it came from and reflect on what purpose it might serve today, rather than being a sanctimonious woke hypocrite, "commanding" respect while calling everyone else a "racist".

Although I had made no mention of any particular religion and at one time here in New Zealand homosexuality was indeed punishable by death, like a red rag to a bull, the seething troll launched into a diatribe on islamophobia. At every turn when I was critical of a particular practice it was her projecting that onto a "minority group". Thus the hateful stereotypes were all from her mind and not from mine.

Eventually I recognized this individual beyond a shadow of a doubt, I decided to delete all my comments as she is known to bait people simply so she can then abuse the authorities to target individuals in their private lives. She's either getting paid for it, or she's a very sad individual whose life is meaningless unless she is f#cking up someone else's life. She changed the name on her account, but either way, while I'm no psychiatrist there can be little doubt that Amanda (her actual name) has bipolar disorder.


Crowing her "victory" Amanda carried on with her veiled threats and allegations. From a referal to my own website I learned that besides my Disqus posting history, she was also using a search engine to stalk me.

The original poster that I had responded to said he didn't see any reason I should have deleted my posts, so I explained why and predictably Amanda barged in again.

sinister creep

Amanda had also launched into a shit stirring troll fest against the channel owner. I certainly don't agree that any of the crap she posts would be remotely accurate, but I do have reason to believe that when the police say "they are monitoring the situation" she may be right in that it just means they are spying on me and never disclose what I've been accused of let alone by whom.

False as it may be, whatever Amanda alludes to could only be known by someone who was an active participant in defamation. Bodhi Mantra's advice not to waste one's time on these swine is spot on. Eventually Mandy's trolling was spamming up my notifications and getting quite tedious so I blocked her, but no doubt she will be back with yet another sock account.

It's also quite likely that her allegedly "offended" friends turn up with malevolent intent, like they have done in the past. I do not know any of these people although they obviously know where I live. This time I shall be prepared to deal with them myself, because the police have been worse than useless whenever I've asked them for help.

Here for instance is security camera footage. I switched on the camera when kids were shouting abuse outside my home. They had been making threatening gestures and bashing my letterbox with big sticks, yet the cops just said they couldn't go round the neighborhood asking.

A few days later an officer phoned up demanding I take the video off social media "because the parents hadn't given permission". Presumably those parents had seen it and complained, but the police neglected to identify who had set the lads up to it. Neither did they say who had armed them with martial arts style batons or why, thus for all I know they could be at it again any day. I am evidently not even allowed feel safe in my own home.

treatening juveniles

I conclude for now with this playlist of other old security footage although I did take the cameras down as they were not effective as deterrent and actually invited more hostility. My main point is that 'woke leftists' will target individuals in real life and abuse the authorities for vindictive mind games not just to intimidate and silence us, but also out of sheer malice.