Censorship and Hackers

Hostile Cyber Assaults from Beijing

Back when I used Wordpress there was evidence of hackers and spammers all based in Beijing and so recently I implemented logging on my new independent site. I make it impervious to these documented hack attempts. I don't use the Wordpress or any other popular website engine, and so on automatically detecting the attempts I redirect them somewhere else. 😉

Yet my site logs show that the hack attempts persist on a daily basis so I've started banning their IP addresses too. For those who know what they are looking at, here is an example.

Censorship on Bitchute

immature spammers

I'm not going to bitch about censorship on established "social media", but Bitchute and their discussion forums hosted by Disqus are reputed to be free from censorship, bar a few restrictions necessary to comply with "the law". As one might expect there were plenty of immature trouble makers with fake id's but I was happy to just block them so I wouldn't have to see their spam.

Recently the facility to post images was removed from the Bitchute Forums and sure, I thought. It's understandable due to the absolute idiots that continued to abused it for foul sexual and anti-semitic graphics that were trashing intelligent discussion, but yesterday two of my comments were unexpectdly held for review (click the disqus icon here to see the context). I did not think mine particularly inappropriate, if maybe somewhat lacking in tact, but then I have little respect for fake names with no avatar, and I wasn't particularly offensive to anyone IMHO.

Eventually one of them was approved but the other was removed and I wondered by whom and why, so I looked in my logs. Keep in mind that a "pending" post is ONLY visible to the Channel owner. Presumably also to Disqus and potentially their service providers and sinister "authorities" who have demanded they be given special privileges.

So let's have a look at who accessed the linked webpage of mine. Notice that on my site I can embed images (click my avatar here to see the "offending" web page). Noticed Disqus has taken no measures to stop me (yet). Notice also that I don't think anything I posted there is particularly offensive, unless you want to scoff and sneer at Tommy Robinson, which I definitely don't think he deserves.

date	qr	ip	referer	

2020-07-16 02:40:18	/youtube.php/nffI9S4NcMg	no HTTP_REFERER
2020-07-16 03:05:13	/youtube.php/nffI9S4NcMg	no HTTP_REFERER		
2020-07-16 03:39:20	/youtube.php/nffI9S4NcMg	no HTTP_REFERER	
2020-07-16 07:17:41	/youtube.php/nffI9S4NcMg	no HTTP_REFERER

Who are they then?

Sinister big tech corporations... perhaps disguised Bitchute and Disqus... I just don't know, but either way.. sinister globalist creeps, with no justification! I think people should share this post to expose the war that's going on for control of cyberspace today.

Other Recently Censored

Here are some more of my posts that were removed. Atleast Disqus let's you see what has been actioned, so we can presumably correct our online behavior, but I have had other Disqus accounts where my history was simply truncated for no apparent reason. What I notice is that they are actioning any comment that is critical (directly or indirectly) of BLM or Islam, even though I do think it needs discussing where these ideologies conflict with our society.

click on the image to open it in a window on it's own

Forum Sabotage

Disqus also appears to have closed all the discussion forums on older videos. Even for highly popular video bloggers like Styx.

Maybe they want us to just focus on what's trending this week, but it's stifeling intelectual debate and philosophical discussions that help build a public concensus other than the official "politically correct" narrative. Just like on Twitter, Youtube and Facebook, now Disqus too allows faceless cowards with fake names to attack me personally but the moment I give an intelligent reply to their unprovoked slurs it is held for moderation and then removed. This is part of cancel culture which I discuss on another page in this topic.

Bitchute Censorship

Meanwhile, my Bitchute uploads might not be popular, but some are tutorials where people could want to ask something even years later. Closing everybody's forums with no stated reason seems more like a an act of malevolent vandalism directed at Bitchute, as it will certainly detract from their appeal as a "free speech" platform.

blurred out

Bitchute, like any other hosting service does have to make sure the content complies with the law in each country and so they too may have to censor some uploads in some countries. In particular presentations that call for violent action, encourage criminal activities, or even just deny that the holocaust ever happened might have to be deleted by law. OTOH I've seen things like this where part of a video has been blurred out and I doubt it was the uploader who did that as it makes it rather pointless to upload at all.

DNS ban

It reminds me how after the Brenton Tarrant Mosque massacre several service providers here in New Zealand decided to delete Bitchute from their Domain Name lookup. That seemed totally unfair as it had been Facebook where the homicidal live stream was hosted. It was nothing to do with Bitchute at all.

To get round it you need to change your DNS however on Huawei modems these settings are hidden. For all I know this might be a deliberate "feature" to protect the great wall of China, but you can get round that by entering developer mode while on the DHCP settings page and typing the following into the console:


Then I specified the Google DNS servers which I rembered as being and Alternatively you can set these in your computer network DNS, but then that doesn't work for any of the other devices that connect thru the modem. There is of course no guarantee that Google don't start blocking some domains too one day and perhaps they already do.

The need for independent comment system

Every year we see our ability to engage in open debate and to express ideas being reigned in by service providers. We may also be assaulted by social justice warriors as part of "cancel culture" as well as self appointed authorities who seem to think they have a right to police our private thoughts as well as any opinion we might want to express.

Dissenter seemed like a good idea but it's implementation is deficient. For instance I dissented a page linked from faFacebook, but Facebook adds an encrypted query string to identify my account and consequently only will ever get to see my dissent on that page For a commenting system I would like to be able to embed images but dissenter no longer lets me do that. Certainly there are other social media platforms like Minds, Gab and Parler but those can't be used to provide discussion forums on our independent websites... so what's the answer?

Maybe it's time to write my own.