2020-08-16 update

Big changes in the world since I started this project last Christmas. We are witnessing a bid for world domination by a sinister NWO elite. The war is on to dominate cyberspace as big tech censorship, ideological cancel culture, and government surveilance take hold.

I myself was banned and censored while mob's of cowardly haters remained empowered to slander and false flag me. When Disqus shut the dicussions on all my Bitchute videos and Bitchute now refuses to embed them in my pages it was the final straw. I am discontinuing participation on any other platform and I will also no longer be providing my code or demo topic here.


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A simple website framework

Last updated: 2020-09-14


This site is being created as a vehicle for developing my own ideas on website creation. Over on the left is a drop-down menu of my topics. I will be adding new posts and new topics if and when I feel like it. Note: Despite all the targeted lies and hate. I haven't anything to hide, or be ashamed of.