The Medicine Racket

Carol M. Highsmith / Public domain

updated: 2020-10-15

Back in the 50's and 60's my dad worked for Defense Research in Ottawa, Canada. One day he told me he had been working on bio-chemical warfare agents that had the purpose to incapacitate the entire population of Western Europe in the event of a Soviet invasion. Films like Zombie apocalypse might give you an idea of what they were aiming for and it's no coincidence that just such doomsday scenarios have served in a number of military exercises.

Back then I was just a kid. I said I thought Europe were our allies. He explained this was not to kill them, but to maim and make sure they would be a hindrance and a drain on the invading forces.

Dad told me that besides defense research, there wasn't much work for a bio-chemistry scientist, other than in the cosmetics industry, but that didn't interest him at all. He told me he had decided to jack in his job, because making people sick, or killing them, was not the kind of thing he wanted to devote his life to. He did say he was hoping he might find work developing a cure for cancer, as he had some ideas worth pursuing, but didn't know where to get funding.


Most medical research is financed by pharmaceutical industry and while doctors are ostensibly paid by insurance companies and national health service, many receive significant commissions from drug companies when prescribing their products. Regrettably this often results in less than optimal treatments for the patient as well as unnecessary costs for Health Services. Insurance companies OTOH don't give a damn as they simply pass the costs on to their clients. In fact the scare factor of a few gruesome horror stories, actually helps them to sell more policies.

Even worse is when drug companies hold patents for incurable infections like HIV. They can jack up the price, just like they did a few years back. Thus they hold patients to ransom facing the prospect of debilitating illness and even death without said patented medication. Allegedly to prevent stigmatization, states like California made it legal to keep ones status secret from partners that could become infected, and even decriminalized knowingly donating infected blood, thus delaying essential treatment and abetting contagion.

Personally, I wouldn't be surprised if the real motive wasn't just to get more consumers dependent on the drugs and some virtue signalling politician's campaign got a nice "sponsorship" from a "philanthropic" phramaceutical business. Apparently this was cheered on by useful idiots of "the gay community"... as if covert spreading of HIV among their demographic would be in their favor somehow... WTF, just who did they think the law was supposed to be protecting?

I have seen little evidence that big pharma don't rival illegal drug cartels in their moral destitution. Some have been sued and obliged to page huge fines and compensation, but those penalties are peanuts compared to their profits. Most actual victims may be too ill, and not have the money to take their case to court.

The entire system from government, to drug companies, medical practitioners and judiciary is utterly corrupt and broken! This is what some euphemistically call "the trickle down economy", because accepting bribes is the only way to get money out of the stinking rich parasites that plague humanity.

Health Supplements

Clearly there is a lot of money to be made out of disease, but healthy people too are scared of becoming ill. They wish to take preventative measures. Awareness of unhealthy diet is a question of education, but there is also a huge industry in artificial, over priced and often unnecessary health supplements. For many consumers these have little more effect than a placebo, while some may even result in adverse conditions like overdose.

If you really do want this kind of snake-oil then why not buy it from the Health Ranger or from Alex Jones where your money goes to support and Info Wars, these are Free speech and uncensored news innitiatives and do deserve means of financing themselves other than colluding with profiteering corporate advertizing.

the Vaccine Scam

Historically, the discovery that after infection with chickenpox, one would be immune to the more deadly smallpox virus, lead on to the development of vaccines. A vaccine doesn't fight disease, but it activates a person's own immune system to create anti-bodies that will neutralize the actual viruses, if and when infection should occur. Vaccination after you have become infected is counter productive: Your immune system is already engaged in a life or death struggle with the actual disease. Additional artificial agents will only put it under more stress than it already has!

Once again it's the scare factor that motivates healthy people to take medication as a preventative measure, but vaccines often have harmful side effects that rival those of the disease itself. Statistics have shown a significant increase of recipients developing permanent brain damage and autism after recieving a vaccine. Further more, they can trigger auto immune reactions to otherwise benign or healthy tissues when administered at critical stages in a child's development. Not just childhood allergies to certain foods but even conditions like sterility (e.g. when the immune system was somehow triggered to attack the reproductive organs during the onset of puberty).

Some leading edge developments for a Covid 19 vaccination proposes modifying the human genome itself. Their creation could have all sorts of nefarious intentions and unforeseen side effects. Click the thumbnail to watch a video about that.

The common cold and flu viruses are something most of us will have had. These are alleged to mutate, thus producing a new seasonal outbreak every year, because last year's anti-bodies are ineffective on this years virus. This is of course wonderful news for the vaccine manufacturers who can thus sell us all a new vaccine every year. One thing that has been puzzling me is how the hell can they anticipate what new mutation they will need to vaccinate us for in time to actually create such a vaccine? One know-it-all told me it was from studying bird flu... but I'm not that stupid to believe scientists are out there catching sick birds to check what viruses they have this season,then identify which ones are new and which could infect humans in time to create a new vaccine. I suspect the actual source of new virus strains is right there in their "attenuated vaccine" laboratories that are deliberately churning out all manner of mutations.

Another point of concern is that vaccines contain so called "adjuvants". Those hyper sensitize our immune systems. It aims to react more readily to virus proteins, but equally exacerbating auto-immune disorders like arthritis. Current global "Covid 19" virus is unlikely to have evolved spontaneously in a bowl of batsoup as authorities originally claimed. It's genome appears more like that of a gain of function development. That means it would come from a bio-weapons laboratory and there have also been a number of enigmatic predictions of this kind out break such as Rockefeller Lockstep scenario). Maybe it's heads up for all of us to inform ourselves about what the hell the vaccine industry is playing at.

Other relatively recent virulent zoonotic virus strains also unlikely originate from alleged irresponsible human interaction with animals. It is far more likely a result of deliberately mutated and cultivated strains in animal and cancerous tissues that have no defense mechanism. In other words the vaccine industry may itself be the source. We need to tell our doctors and politicians it is really not what we want from them.

Political Agenda

Any civilized society would seek to take precautions to prevent the spread of contagious disease and help sick people on the road to recovery. However, once big money is involved, you can bet your bottom dollar there will be corruption and financial gain influencing government policy and there is a lot of fear mongering and shaming in evidence. Bio-terrorism is the word I would use for which there may be an agenda even more sinister than a simple profiteering racket going on.

Experienced and qualified medical practitioners exposing politically inconvenient truths have been silenced and no-platformed. Should we trust a World Health Organization that is heavily dependent on finance from big pharma? The video button here is to watch cringe-worthy responses we get from Bill Gates, when he's questioned about his vaccines and the other is the transcript of Vernon Coleman's narrative below, as he discusses political motives lurking behind the fake facade of "health care"..

How they are lying to enslave us

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I hope to be adding a page exposing some of their global reset conspiracies too as there is plenty of evidence these are fact and not just paranoid theories. It's up to us, the people of democratic nations to ensure our governments continue to represent our interests rather than being seduced by a sinister global NWO run by a self appointed billionnaire elite who, far from "philanthropy", are aiming for eugenics, to cull useless eaters", and reduce the rest of us to indentured serfdom while they rule the world like the Gods of antiquity.