Welcome to Angelica's Experiments

This website is a collection of my independent study concerning a variety of computer & internet related technologies. The main purpose is as a focus and summary for my own hands-on research.

I do not have any formal qualifications, as the structure and content of academic courses invariably seems pointless, misguided and incomprehensible to me. None the less, I did for a while work as a professional in this industry and now I want to update my skills again. I hope you find something here that is of use to you and I am always happy to get constructive feedback.

My material is presented here using 3 frames. On the left is a navigation panel for all the internal site links. This text should be in the main viewing frame and below is one where examples are loaded.

Note: You can drag the thumbtack icon (which should be below, on the left) to resize these text frames as needed.