IT research



Online Opinion Polling
A facility to create public opinion polls for your web blog.
List of Downloads
Downloads available from this site.
Phishing is a scam whereby a fake website records credentials that are supplied by it's unsuspecting victims.
Malware is anything that has unwanted malevolent intent on your computer.
Internet Detective
Tracing the cyber-criminals.
Hosting a Web Server
Your own Web Server gives full control, access to log files and it liberates you from other terms and conditions
Identity in Cyber-Space
Getting started with some technology beyond account names and passwords.
Example tool for gathering IP addresses... this will be part of discussion on hacks
How to create and use graphical icons on computers and the world wide web.
graphical user interaction
Simple tutorial to for creating computer programs that have a graphical user interface.
Website Design
How this website works and why I do it this way.

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