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Last updated: 2020-09-15

technical note

international version

I created a German version of this page to test the principle of local language pages being substituted for the default (in my case, English) ones. Click the "Deutch" option in the language menu to see it change.

awkward path test

This page has an apostrophe and a space in it's additional path. These are encoded as recommended practice, but none the less may cause problems for other software.

Testing it with Dissenter

You can dissent the page and it will find it when others open the page again, but if you click on the link there you get Cannot GET /discussion/begin. To get back here you need to do the small title beneath it!


If you've come to this site from an old link you may notice I've taken most of my old pages off-line and this site might not even be on the same server.

A friend of mine deleted his Facebook recently, and his reasons were not unlike mine had been. I certainly won't be going back to toxic main-stream social media. Instead I will just come here to write what ever I feel like saying.

The posts in this topic are my personal diary in so far as I'm willing to share it with friends, Romans and countrymen" who happen to be lending people ears (not to mention bigoted hateful TERFs and cyber trolls who are evidently deaf, dumb and blind).