Free Speech 101

Last updated: 2020-09-22

The Free Speech Coalition (NZ)

I'm kicking this thread off with an e-mail I just received from the Free Speech Coalition of New Zealand. The gist of it: A corrupt judiciary declares crowd-funded litigation to protect free speech "not in the public interest". He vindictively awards costs to the autocratic government financed authority alleging the Free Speech Coalition would be a "Personal Crusade".

The rent-a-mob protesters in Aotea square, Auckland, and anonymous bomb threats had led to no-platforming of international speakers here in New Zealand. Many free thinking people don't believe it was lawful to do so despite the fact some politicians didn't like some of the opinions. They were just intelligently discussing financial issues affecting many countries in the free world and advocating nothing illegal.

I myself made two videos about it at the time: "Banned from New Zeland, but what for?" and "It's OK to be white in NZ?".

Now just listen to the vitriolic "hate-speech" gushing from this toxic little toad. Golriz rants about "our values" as if she speaks for us New Zealand citizens, but she is othering the philosophers who are just trying to have rational debate. She does not respect diversity of opinion and she certainly does not speak for me. Golriz aludes they are doing something wrong by mentioning slander and defamation are illegal, but unlike her, Lauren and Stefan speak no evil of anyone. She is not us.

NZ green party rant of ignorance

To me it looks like our judiciary is corrupt, and pushing a sinister globalist agenda. It is the duty of elected representatives to make sure that the judiciary are upholding our law. Alas we have no constitution and no effective bill of rights. All we have is a slimy little communist creep, John Little, as our Minster of Justice. Our PM, his Comrade Jacinda Ardern showed where her sympathies lie when she expressed support for banning the event, even though she was busy with her new baby, rather than doing her job as PM and had no fucking clue what it was all about. What hope is there that anyone will uphold standards in the New Zealand judiciary?

The problem I see, is that our own people have voted a corrupt totalitarian Marxist regime into power and without free speech all we will ever get to hear now is government propaganda and lies.

Cross The Rubicon

Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon in Junuary 49BC, to march on Rome... it was a moment of decisive action that lead to civil war. Ceasar exclaimed "alea iacta est": The dice have been cast. Today it means just that: taking decisive action with an unsure outcome, rather than prevaricating to keep the peace.

A British ex-pat who lives in Christchurch had been creating very thoughtful Youtube videos under the handle "Cross The Rubicon" about present day issues. I didn't always agree with what he said, but I would definitely fight to defend his right to say it. Here is the last video he did that has survived censorship by being mirrored on Bitchute:

Fine, so he was advocating protests, but nobody objects to women's marches, pride parades and leftist demonstrations, so I don't quite know what happened, but sounds to me like he was threatened with repercussions and silenced. A sad day for free speech in New Zealand. A sad day for human rights here.

The Rebel defy Cancel Culture

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Dr. Patrick Moore is leading expert in climate science, but just one problem: His science does not corroborate the political narative about man made climate change and in particular he is skeptical that CO2 would be the thermostat for regulating it.

Dr. Moore was scheduled to be the keynote speaker at a City of Regina conference until he was "deplatformed" by a social media mob. That's not how Canadians debate -- we believe in hearing all points of view, and judging for ourselves. Rebel News defies the underhand censorship of mob rule as they replatform Dr. Moore.

The popularity of this event suggests that at the grass roots, people are ready to defy the 'woke' agenda. None of this receives any government funding and we don't know how it will pan out, but I think it's the way to tell governments that they do not have our mandate to carry on spend our taxes pushing their politically dishonest agenda and no-platforming inconvenient dissenting voices.