NWO rising

Last updated 2020-10-15: section about Wikipedia bias added at the end

The League of Nations was conceived as a discussion venue where sovereign nations could negotiate on their differences and hopefully avoid war. This initiative became what is now known as the United Nations, but they have overstepped their mandate.

Today the UN seeks to dictate global policy and asert their position as head of a New World Order. They are heavily influenced by billionnaires, multi-national corporations and also the Chinese communist regime. Undemocratic NGO's such as ICLEI have been insinuating UN Agenda 21 policies directly into local area administration all over the world ever since 1990.

This is no longer consipracy theory to guffaw about in ignorance. This is sinister documented NWO conspiracy fact and you can read about how it operates in practice in Rosa Koire's book "Behind the Green Mask: UN Agenda 21". Adding to that they now have Covid-19 as a new weapon of bio-terror against the population.

Totalitarian violation of individual's rights

The world recently witnessed outrageous police brutality and arrests of peaceful unarmed citizens in their own homes for nothing more than posts on Facebook. One was about peacefully protesting the ridiculous covid 19 lockdowns in Victoria (Australia) and the other was warning not to participate in the protest as it would be a "police trap" to arrest dissidents. One thing I noticed about Victoria police is their inverted pentagram sheriff badges. Are these not reminiscent of Satanic sigil of Baphomet, an axis of Freemasonry?

Adjacent links to a video about ancient evil among the elites which defies belief, but let us not stray too far into "conspiracy theory" teritory and stick with the facts. Here is a petition by Avi Yemmini who was assaulted and arrested by the Victoria police while trying to report the event:
Stand With Avi

The NWO takeover is being orchestrated by corporate billionnaire "philanthropic" NGOs. Truth be told, they see humanity as just another disposable resource for them to exploit and I bet they do it all tax free because of their charitable humanitarian narrative while they charge our local authorities for the "consultancy" they offer. Here is an intriguiing video by Minor Origin that got me wondering about things that have been hapening right here in Christchurch.

New Zealand

Sure enough Christchurch and Melbourne are the two "Strong Cities" innitiative currently in Oceania!

Meet Port Hills Candidates

Here in New Zealand under emergency act, artificially asserted with bio-terror pretext of alleged global pandemic "Covid 19", laws have been put in place for similar police state. Citizens are waking up and becoming concerned. Thus it was that I wanted to attend a "meet the candidates" evening of our local politicians to hear what they have to say. Alas we were turned away as there was a strict limit on the number of people who can assemble under the imposed level 2 lockdown. I eventually managed to get a recording of a subsequent event and the adjacent video I present my interpretation and summary of what they were saying.

I was very impressed with Tiamara Williams of the Advance-NZ/NZPP alliance party so I attended a meetup that she had organized. I wasn't planning to record it but then there was a disagreement when one man called it "fascism". Personally I think that would be accurate for what's happening in Victoria, but not yet the case here and so I decided to furtively record it anyway.

Social Media: Facebook

I've had bad experiences on Facebook in the past and I terminated my Facebook participation some years ago. Recently a friend persuaded me it would be a good way to stay in touch as long as I remain anonymous and avoid getting involved in anything. Alas, the groups opposing the creeping NWO mostly require Facebook participation. One such group was "Wake Up New Zealand".

I understand the motive for "private groups", so they can have discussions without hecklers, but preaching to the choir in your own safespace is no effing use for waking up the general public to what's going on in the world, is it now?

There were some insightful posts there, but sniping at Billy TK (a spokes person for NZPP, and an ally to our anti-globalist cause), seemed to be a repeating theme. I found it underhand, cowardly and objectionable, not only because Billy was given no recourse to reply, but also because he already has given an excellent explanation of why he distanced himself from the Chinese Belt and Road innitiative once he realized what a scam it is.

I don't think their allegations of "racism" on grounds of Billy's own indigenous industry initiative are justified. It's a contradiction to criticize Maori people as being "troughers" living off government handouts while at the same time criticizing them for trying to realize the business potential of their assets. Billy is entitled to run his own business and make a living for his family... Eventually on one such thread I responded with a simple reply: A link to Billy TK live in Sydney where he performed "Bring it On Babe"... and I was promptly kicked from the group.

Divided we fall

Keeping the people divided on cultural, ethnic, religions, gender and other issues is how the NWO is preventing any push back. If we want to prevail against the onslaught of the globalist bid for world domination, then we are going to have to put petty differences aside and work together. The kind of crap perpetrated in Wake Up New Zealand safe-space forum will get us nowhere.

Apart from that I've been getting a lot of hostility from self proclaimed "Christians" who are meant to be on our team. To them, as a transgender person, I would be an "abomination unto the lord" and even my own mother thought it meant I would be going to Hell. IMHO Jesus never said that, and politely asking them to stay on topic was to no avail. In the past I experienced vandalism, threats, crime and physical assault as a result of hatred empowered by Facebook private echo chambers of hate, so I quit. I also finally shut down my main Youtube channel for the same reason, although I hadn't been using it for years anyway. I won't be back.

Billy Te Kahika

Billy, like his father (Billy TK snr.) is a public figure as a musician. He is also an entrepreneur and has no desire to be a career politician. Like Tiamara explained (in one of the videos I included above) he is just the guy who stood up and articulated what many people were thinking. NZPP movement snowballed, but not without it's detractors.

I do think it's good that people like Terry Opines are critical and respect that he did research to unearthed this interview that raised suspicions. Let us not jump to conclusions about what he's actually saying as he has given explanations since, in particular that he distanced himself Belt and Road once he realized it's a scam to get indigenous peoples into debt so that they can be controlled. A scam that Labour is in the process of committing our whole economy to! This needs to be discussed objectively, rather than harping on in closed Facebook echo chambers with disingenuous back stabbing.

I learned a bit about New Zealand history from a speech that Floyd did in Cathedral Square, that puts what Billy says about Maori sovereignty into context and I shall probably come back to add discussion.

More important is that Bill TK himself has addressed these issues. Below is one of many interviews he did on the Vinny eastwood show.

Also on this one I shall come back to add discussion points. Dividing our resistance to NWO domination is damaging any real chance we might have to preserve democracy and rescue our country and sovereign independance.

Rewriting History

Advance New Zealand grew very rapidly and I think many people with diverging aspirations joined. Conflicts were inevitable and I gather something of an attempted mutiny took place although the exact details have not come out yet. I immediately took the liberty to edit two facebook uploads from opposite sides of the split, extracting just the salient points. One is Billy Te Kahika (party leader) and the other Shelley Richardson, (former Advance NZ candidate for Waimakariri district). Click load icons for the video clips.

I'm not one to dwell on right and wrong, or point the finger of blame, but the real problem is a deep rooted cultural and racial division that has been fomented and festered for generations. The prevailing perceptions from Maori people are that colonials came here conned them into signing a treaty and stole all their whenua (land). They've demanded compensation and indeed phenomenal wealth has been poured into Iwi trusts and corporations but little ever went to regular people of Maori descent. The following screen shot from the forum on one of Terry Opine's presentations explains how those of Europeand descent iterpret the history.

The reality is that today our entire society has become polarized on racial grounds with resentments and recriminations from people who never suffered the alleged injustices against people who never perpetrated them. We can go round and round in circles indefinietly bitching about the past...

... but whatever the truth we will never change what actually happened. Like in a game of chess don't dwell on how you got there but focus on how we go forward and I think we need to agree to have a constitution that gives entirely equal rights and oportunities to all New Zealand citizens under the law and limits the extent to which government may interfere. We will be voting soon and I am going by the official policies, not by personalities. We can deal democratically with leadership issues within the parties later.

So, let's stop bickering about water under the bridge, let's wise-up together NZ! As for me, I'm keeping the Advance NZ sign in front of my house and my Agenda 21 protest sign in the window (when I'm not out and about with it), until after the elections!

Maori Sovereignty

Despite his public statements, there are a lot of people alleging Billy Te Kahika is a Maori "separatist" which would split our nation and make the fragments easy prey to globalist domination. OTOH, by the Treaty of Waitangi we are currently paying millions to iwi just for loss of interest on the land that was taken from them. This in spite of the fact that very few of us tax payers derive any benefit from said land.

Iwi and Hapu are traditional institutions of Maori government. That was surrendered in the treaty of Waitiangi which was necessary because with modern firearms the Maori warrior culture had escalated to internecine musket wars. Those are well and truly over now and so we should rescind the treaty and restore iwi sovereignty, but best do this not as separate nations, but as local area authorities presiding over their territory, yet still under the same national government. Ultimately we can become a republic, independent of the crown, but either way the divisive treaty becomes redundant.

As the local area authority, iwi will have the right to charge rates. They can invest the money in housing and whatever amenities they choose and so compensation and racist treaty concessions are no longer applicable. Equal citizens rights for all can be safe-guarded with a nation wide bill of rights. As an added benefit is that substituting iwi for district councils in disputed teritories liberates them from the corrupting influence of globalst NGOs like ICLEI.

I'm not sure what Billy TK's ideas are for regional sovereignty, but I don't see any other political party working towards an enduring solution to New Zealand's racial grievances, so I'm certainly willing to listen.

Biased Media

I noticed the wiki page about Advance NZ describes them as "fringe conspiracy" party. I objected to the author's blatant political bias.

Before making contributions to wikimedia I strongly urge people to consider the kind of discussion on their talk page (click the thumbnail to view).

Another thing I noticed is that wiki troll "NZFC", the one who sneered "Snore" at me and endorsed main stream media as "reputable resources", is the same one who deleted my only other ever post on Wikipedia.

Just who do these people think they are? In the adjacent video you can hear what Tiamara Williams has to say about the ongoing assault on democracy that is being perpetrated.

Here is Billy TK telling us they are about to be deFacebooked and sure enough the very next day they were gone.