Shady Business with China

Last updated: 2020-09-23

Profiteers in Government

Our politicians have been soliciting sponsorship from hostile totalitarian regime of China. Since the Covid19 Lockdowns many have been eager to get back to doing lucrative deals with them, but few of those deals benefit our nation as a whole. Meanwhile the CCP Belt and Road initiative has been identified as a strategy to develop dependence and to control sovereign nations through debt.

Moral Bankruptcy

As they silently look the other way, does it not make our representatives complicit in the horrors that are perpetrated for the "greater good" of communist Utopia?

I am told that in China today abusing healthy prisoners as live organ donors, is common place. These "donors" are people who have perpetrated no violent crimes. They are harvested bit by bit to fuel a lucrative international organ transplant trade. Now you might think that's not going to happen any time soon here in our country?

Fetal Tissue

Then again, consider our recent abortion "decriminalization". The stated aim is to make abortion "more accessible", right up to the moment of actual birth itself. A living baby, otherwise perfectly viable outside the womb, can now be put to death allegedly in the name of "planned parenthood" and "woman's choice". Our minister of justice, John Little, has claimed that this would be to reflect "modern attitudes in society". Our parliament voted it in, but they didn't have the decency to actually put it to the public with a referendum.

I hear they even voted against administering a painkiller to the "fetus". I suspect the tax payer is footing the bill, but not all our politicians find this acceptable. For instance our New Zealand Public Party says: "... we are against using abortion as a method of contraception and a means to justify the killing of babies for fetal tissue and organ harvesting".

Indeed, a lucrative trade in fetus organs and tissues is a gruesome reality of our 21st century! Aparently those are used extensively in vaccine production as well as cosmetics industry. It's all for "the greater good of community at large", but it no longer seems a huge leap to extend this piecemeal murder to harvesting body parts without consent, not just from victims of accidents, but next it might be prisoners, debtors and dissidents? There is big money to be made and no doubt plenty of psychopaths who will take advantage given half a chance: The only thing stopping them is the law.

National Defense

USA is in turmoil. When their economy collapses there will be no effective "allies" who could rush to the rescue in the event of military invasion. Our own government has become little more than an agency for implementing globalist UN policies as dictated by corporate billionaire elites. Sovereignty of nation states is in decline. This will allow beligerent super powers like China to completely dominate the world stage.

Our existing military would be ineffective to defend our borders and waters. I suspect they will in the future only ever really serve to oppress and coerce our own people. Cross The Rubicon has some thoughts on national defense to share, and I agree that his proposals are sensible, but I doubt any of our elected politicians will even consider such a policy.