Cross The Rubicon

Last Updated: 2020-10-09

Instead of representing the people who voted for them, our government is implementing mandates that come down from the United Nations. A sinister NWO agenda of reducing all humanity to indentured servitude, the slaves of a billionnaire elite of multinational corporations. Their Agenda for the 21st century is to establish inventory and control of all resources on this planet, and humanity itself is one of them.

We never voted for this shit! Crossing the Rubicon is a historic event, when Julius Cesar made a decision of no return: To march on Rome itself.

To retain our democracy and fundamental birth rights today we, the electorate, need to wake the fuck up and vote these globalist creeps out of office before it's too late. A youtube Channel called Cross the Rubicon, inspired me to make a sign (the one featured on M.D. Rangi's video here) and join a protest march here in Christchurch.

Toxic 2020-10-04

Since writing this, Youtube channel Cross The Rubicon was allegedly suspended for three months. He did a few uploads to Bitchute where his discussion forums were dominated by a troll with multiple accounts. Lee had become very critical of Advance NZ and of Billy TK in particular, making numerous unsubstantiated allegatations, but it was not them trolling him and the reason Youtube gave was to do with an unidentified video he would have done back in July.

Lee was back on Youtube within a few weeks so IDK what the story is there. Mysteriously he thanked his "loyal fans" for sticking with him, when in fact few had been bothered to view his Bitchute uploads, or leave encouraging comment there. A bit of e-drama followed as Lee addresses the troll and people up in arms, advocating he get's the law involved. I shared my insights on that as IMHO one needs to learn not to feed trolls because attention is exactly what they want:

I discovered Facebook was festering with more hate against Advance NZ and even one person wanting to sue them for allegedly not being properly registered. I suspect he was the one who got me kicked off Facebook simply for saying that abuse of legal technicalities was one of the things Advance NZ was campaigning against. Plenty of underhand tactics being deployed against Billy TK while he was doing his best to answer the avalanch of unsubstantiated allegations and find ways round the technicalities. Yesterday I was preparing to go to the Christchurch freedom speakers event, but something didn't feel right. I felt the whole freedom movement here has turned sour and toxic. I won't be going this weekend either as Lee and his mates continue their bitching and backstabbing: He hasn't substantiated any of his suspicions. Here is a collection of screen shots that illustrate the prejudice. Click an image view it.

A Youtuber speaking in Christchurch
(my original blog starts here)

His channel name is Cross the Rubicon and waking the sleeping sheeple is what Cross The Rubicon is all about.

I gather his name is Lee. I attended his recent speeches in Christchurch Cathedral Square and I was impressed by his public speaking.

Lee is passionate yet with reason. I do believe we need a strong nationalist party leader here in New Zealand to oppose the seemingly inexorable slide into UN dictated globalist NWO.

Sadly the "National" party and "New Zealand First" have bamboozled and betrayed their voters with duplicitous double speak and are shilling for the globalist camp. Both leftwing and rightwing parties are chomping at the bit to do "do business" with the hostile communist dictatorship of China while they turn a blind eye to dire abuse of human rights there.

Untrustworthy Media

Technology and social media giants have shown extreme bias in promoting the globalist agenda while silencing dissent. At the beginning of this year Youtube silenced Lee's Cross the Rubicon channel for over a month. No explanation was given and sadly he did not continue uploading to any alternative platform during that time. After he made this video he was blocked for a week and he didn't speak in Cathedral square the following weekend. Once again I was concerned: Had they silenced him for good this time?

Lee has spoken out against our government corrupting main-stream media impartiality with a recent 56 million dollar hand-out. We can simply no longer trust what we are being told by authorities. None the less, freedom speakers persevere in Christchurch: EVERY Saturday 12:00, Cathedral Square. Despite censorship, this movement is going viral as more and more people have had enough and are chosing the red-pill.

Karma for Winston

I didn't go to the Cathedral Square speeches yesterday (2020-09-05) as I wanted to attend a meetup of Tiamara Willams, our local Advance NZ candidate. Apparently after the speeches Winston Peters (NZ First party leader) was spotted. He became the target of what I think is justifiable heckling.

I was however a bit concerned that the main stream propaganda machine might seize the opportunity to give it an "alt right white supremacists" spin and Lee's innocent prediction of Peters being wiped out (in the election) would be twisted and transmogriphied into an allegation of "death threats".

Winston has let his voters down in many ways. As our foreign affairs minister he flip-flops on policy and puts New Zealand last. IMHO he sucks up to the UN globalist agenda. He has fallen hook line and sinker for the CCP belt and road scam, or maybe he's just too busy lining his own pockets as he plays the "balancing National against Labour" charade with his comrades on both sides of the beehive.

Honest Reporting

Karma for Traitor Winston

Not staged for the camera, honest recording by M.D. Rangi shows what really happened. I have no sypathy for the smarmy Peters brigade.

Waking Up Auckland

Last weekend (2020-09-12) Lee went up to a larger protest march in Auckland. He gave an impassioned speech defying underhand authorities. He denounced conspiracies that are no longer "theories" but now conspiracy fact: Subterfuge and collusion perpetrated by a creeping globalist cabal. Main stream media gave it little coverage, so are people like Lee just preeching to the converted? No, I think he is motivating others and inspiring crowds to become proactive raising awareness of fellow citizens. Certainly Lee has more mana and strength of character than most career politicians in this country.


Already before the Auckland Rally, Lee had expressed concerns about "Maori supremacists" in the NZPP and in particular he was questioning the integrity of their leader, Billy TK. He says this was reinforced by what he saw up in Auckland. I have followed many of Billy TK's interviews on the Vinny Eastwood show and I personally think Billy gave cogent and adequate response to the criticism, but evidently not good enough for Lee. Here is a comment from somone asking for retraction.

Lee gave me a thorough explanation when I asked. He also rejected tony turner's demand for retraction.


Later that night, Lee posted his explicit suspicions then went on to make a short video. However, I tend to agree with the doubts expressed in these comments.

Billy Responds

Billy's full reply is on Facebook, and luckily I can still watch it even though I'm banned from that ghastly gulag.

However Facebook refuses to let my site connect, so I've taken the liberty to uploaded this clip from Billy's response here.

My Opinion 2020-09-19

Isn't this exactly what the globalists play on? It's called Hegelian Dialictic. In this case they divide us by race and then they can pop in with their "solution" of global "brotherhood".

In my opinion we need to work together as one Nation. We need to unite all our tribes, not those of Pacifica origin against those of European descent... no, we need to unite all New Zealanders against the incumbent NWO takeover.

My understanding is that the united Tribes flag represents a legimate and recognized declaration of independence from 1835. This flag incorporates not only the Pacifica sea and stars, but the cross of St. George too. As a relic of the crusades, the latter represents all the tribes of Europe and it is often used to express pride in England (especially from before the Norman invasion).

cross of ST. George
united Tribes banner


I don't think Advance NZ/NZPP is trying to assert Maori supremacy, they are trying to unite our peoples. Are they not pushing for a bill of rights that would be equal for all citizens? Are they not promoting a democracy where binding referenda hold sway? Sadly Lee said I must be joking when I posted that in the comments on his channel.

Click the arrow to view my take on it

Surely independence and sovereignty under the banner of such a historical United Tribes flag is preferable to sovereignty of the British crown with a flawed and heavily disputed Waitangi Treaty? Consider for a start that prince Charles and other royals are clearly in the globalist camp!

IMHO Billy TK is right in what he said on the Vinny Eastwood show: It's the UN corruption in our current government and underhand collusion of Freemasonry in our judiciary that is the enemy within. His stated aims are diametrically opposed to Labour's globalist agenda. I don't believe for a minute he will sell out and form an alliance, "just to get in". Billy TK says he doesn't even want to be a politician, and I especially doubt he would want to become a washed up has-been traitor like Winston Peters.

Note: I did try yesterday to express my thougts in Christchurch Cathedral square, but I hadn't thought about what I wanted to say or how to say it. I was pleased to discover that Mr. Conservative had recorded me and uploaded it to Youtube.

Time is running short now if we do want to get representation of our people and for the people of this country in our parliament.