Free Speech Disqussion

Originally Bitchute used Disqus to provide discussion forums on the videos that people would upload. Back then Disqus had only a few simple rules: Just enough to comply with the law. They left actual moderation at the discretion of individual site owners. Disqus allowed members to embed images and Youtube videos in our comments. We could enable notifications when someone replied to us and we could follow other users that would often lead me to discover other site of similar interest. I found Disqus to be a good means for free exchange of ideas and intelligent debate with a rich multi media experience and lack of platform interference or biased agenda.

meme by Michael Weston

Alas imature cyber trolls started abusing fake identities to harass others "just for the lulz", to post spam, pornography, slander and incitement. Bitchute was either not able, or not willing to do all the moderation while their channel owners were not offered the facility. Eventually Disqus imposed draconian moderation filters on their Bitchute forums. They also disabled uploading of images.

Bitchute switched to their own proto-type commenting platform. That has much more limited capabilities. Besides absence of embeded images or videos, one gets no notifications. There is no link to particpant's channel, or comment history and so the Bitchute video discussion forums as they are now are not much use. In fact they are a liability to channel owners who will need to go back and check for posts on each and every one of their uploads.

Casual Content Creators

Youtube v bitchute for casual content creators

After I had uploaded the ajacent video, my Disqus comment section was flooded with spam including pornographic memes from obnoxious trolls (TODO: link the conversation whatever is left of it). I could block people, but all that achieved was to prevent me from seeing their crap. It was still there for the general public. Thus I simply disabled the comments and the trolls lost interest. None the less I decided to implement my comment sections on my own site and this could even be used for Youtube and other video hosting services too and give me control rather than unspecified algorithm or unidentified moderators.

Then Bitchute stopped allowing me to embed my own videos on this site and Youtube was just getting lots of down votes on anything I had left there so I deleted the latter and I am no longer using Bitchute either. On my own site here I notice Disqus no longer lets me embed images, even ones hosted on my own site and they won't let me upload to theirs. The code has stopped displaying the number of comments on my newer pages and I suspect they nerfed it. Even Dissenter won't do images or videos for me now, so maybe free speech platforms in cyber space are proving non viable, but I'm going to try making my own implementation of dissenter which I will use on my own site and anywhere else that I want to.