Sexual Liberation

Sexual reproduction became the norm for advanced life forms here on Earth, because it allows Nature to recombine fully developed and effective genetic traits in different combinations that could not have come about by random mutations. Thus sexual reproduction accelerates the evolutionary process itself, while imposing different evolutionary traits on two diverging, yet complementary sexes.


Evolution of heterosexuality

The reproductive capacity of the human female is precious and demanding. It is not to be squandered on an average consort. Women instinctively breed only with the best, while men will have to compete so that only the fittest is selected.

sexuality explained

Those men who are more average serve a support role: to protect and provide. They are the producers in industry, cannon fodder to the elite, and expendable worker drones of their tribe. This is the basis of heterosexual behavior, and I explain a bit more how it works in the following video presentation.

Sex drive

power of seduction

Some feminists rant about rape culture and certainly it is a fact that males have an instinctive drive to seek out, and copulate with receptive females, but what these womyn are not telling you, is about their own feminen sex drive: to seduce the best genetic material for reproduction. I gather that men's rights activists name it "hypergamy".

whore culture?

We do, however, all know exactly what the "oldest profession" refers to, do we not? A woman experiences the need for a boost to her self esteem, that makes her feel like the prize in every courtship ritual. Let's face it, sex is not what gives men power over women, but that which gives women power over men.

Sexuality & Gender identity

Our instincts can make us feel sexually attracted to the feminine (gynephilic), and/or to the masculine (androphilic). Both of these are healthy human nature aimed at procreation. The distinction between heterosexual & homosexual are however artifice of language by relating it to one's own sex (which is not necessarily consistent with one's sense of sexual attraction).

dominant or submissive

For instance, a woman who is attracted to feminine appearance might be considered lesbian, but she might equally be attracted to a feminine looking person who happens to be male. Although her predilections are unchanged, she might then bear his child, and so we might even wonder if we should consider her heterosexual after all?

Historically homosexuality was considered a mental disorder, but eventually psychiatrists conceded that it is not amenable to psychotherapy, and therefor quite possibly innate, even though it won't manifest until puberty when a child starts becoming sexually aware.

Love is not Hate

Let us not conflate,
same-sex love
with opposite sex hate!

Feminism thrives on victim mentality and thus some women become resentful man haters with a condition known as penis envy. Certainly it is unlikely that those who hate the opposite sex would be heterosexual, yet many are still looking for opposite sex gender traits in same sex people.

If an individual does have same sex attraction does not at all mean that he, or she, will manifest other stereotypical opposite sex gender behaviors. Gender identity is rarely sexually motivated.

Bears marching in Melbourne Pride

For instance strikingly contrary to the popular stereotype of gay men as nancy boys, bears are very masculine homosexual guys. It would be hypocritical for those who take contraceptives or abort unwanted pregnancy for the sake of having hedonistic sex to accuse same sex attraction as amoral, these are still natural healthy human behavior, just manifesting in the wrong sex.

Due to deliberate malice in framing attempts at objective discussion of sexuality I have decided not to maintain my pages on that, but I will leave my old videos up, with the discussion forums open.