Gender vs.Sex



Defined by biological reproductive capabilities of an individual: either male or female.


Collection of behavior traits statistically correlated with sex: either feminine, or masculine.

This topic is returning to my site, because the interaction between men and women today has become a source of conflict and instability in Western Society, with few signs of things improving.

Gender: Difference in the mind.

A person's sex is defined by their reproductive organs, but gender is in the mind. The politically correct narrative pretends the latter would be a social construct, and alleges oppression of women and privilege for men, but science says otherwise. The following video explains profound psychological differences between men and women based on differences in the brain that result in a gendered difference in ambitions and individual choice.

50 real differences between men & women

Significant are woman's tendencies to network and enlist support, thru emotional appeal, while men tend to take risks and are more competitive. Women respond emotionally and men respond physically when under threat: We evolved to have complementary, priorities that aimed to promote survival of our species, not to advantage the individual.

Gendered Career Choices

Men and women have different strengths and different preferences and so gender disparity is a result of choice. A graphic intended to introduce humanity to as yet unidentified alien life forms, shows the male confronting the potential threat and the female looking to him for protection, or do you really believe it's sexism at work?

Gender Equality


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