Information Technology

I was never any good at accademic studies, but it didn't stop me from working as a computer programmer. Personally I think you need a special kind of intellect to deal with technological subjects which is way beyond anything our education system recognizes as "intelligent".

This website project itself is an example... I'm exploring original ideas (although no doubt someone elsewhere may have though of them too for all I know), but a more conventional academic would just be applying standard techniques that he or she learned by rote.

I often have things I want to solve and do search on the web. Stackoverflow is a site that has many answers, but I hate it because whenever I've tried to participate my participation is blocked for alleged "duplication"... and not once did I think the duplicate gate an answer. So I'm kicking this topic off with my most recent question...

Independent Website Engine

Here is a video presentation of some of the ideas I've put into this website engine. IDK how original they are, but they are of my own creation and not coppied from anywhere I know of.

Theme and plug-in website framework

Note: I have changed the Youtube "theme" to not be a theme option even though it was most easily implemented as one. The main reason for doing that is it would not represent the pages on my site in any intelligible way when switching to that theme. It shows the need to think about the actual concept of what is being implemented, rather than the expedience of implemantion.