Photos on the beach

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My dog, Lucy and I walk down the red-zone at South Brighton and then round to the beach where I meet Kim and Jessica. Kim was making a video of Jessica using her Canon camera to take pictures. They are both professionally involved in photography and the thumbnail here links to Kim's website.

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They asked me to be the one she was taking pictures of and with a bit of luck they might even e-mail me some results. Note: She did actually e-mail me, but no pictures alas!

Lucy was being well behaved and not too impatient so we chatted for a bit. It turned out Jessica had been on the same sewing course that I had joined many years ago, and she recognized me too! Sadly I never recognize anyone, so most people think I'm just rude, but a friend told me recently that I probably have a disabilty known as Face Blindness.

Instead here are some pictures I had been taking on that same walk, using the self timer . This was in the red-zone, which is a bit like a public park ever since the ruins have been cleared. What used to be people's gardens is now growing wild.