darkness & light

Discovering photography

The above picture of me was taken by Ian Farnbach. Ian is a professional photographer that I knew only casually as a Facebook friend.

I had not long transitioned (male to female, in case you couldn't guess). Having been through traumatic earthquake events and been ill for a while, I was unemployed. I was also being targeted IRL as a result of malicious slander. Ian realized I had to get away from it all for a break, so he invited me to come share a holiday chalet over in Australia for a week. He is the one who introduced me to photography.

Light in the Dark

We had a good time making pictures. Most intriguing was his night time photography techniques and also his extensive use of an ND filter to get long exposure times and calculated artistic motion blur effects. The adjacent video presents some of his work.


my Ian style attempt

Returning home I discovered thugs had tried to burgle my place and someone had wrecked my security camera.

There was also a stroppy letter from WINZ telling me I had been out of the country without permission. WINZ had stopped my benefit and were demanding I make an appointment to go see them. There I was accused "of working in the sex trade". The case worker's mind, like that of the ones who had been spreading rumors, was just full of filth. I ended up walking out of their office crying. Ian is not that way inclined and ours was not a sexual relationship in any way.

There was plenty more trouble in store for me, and misfortunes befell Ian too. Our plans for him to come over here never came to fruition. He lost his home and I have reason to suspect he was given intrusive treatment for a brain tumor and sadly has passed away. Having seen my own father die of a brain tumor when I was in my teens snippets of information triggered memories I preferred to keep shut out of my mind and we were unable to stay in touch.

Back again

At one point burglars got away with my camera and lenses, but eventually I bought a new one. A recent mystery e-mail reminded me of Ian. His work now inspires me to try some of that kind of photography myself next. I also plan to resurect photo blogs from my earlier exploration and to document other techniques too.

under the canopy, reproduced with permission © Ian Farnbach