Wild Flowers

This page is imported from my old Worpress site. Translating their HTML made me realize how convoluted their engine is by comparison with mine.

Testing margin of text flow next to image

This is the antique Pentax lens that had been infected with fungus. Once that was cleared, the quality of the optics makes me think it was still a bargain.

I do think customs were taking the piss charging full GST on a second hand item as well as a transaction fee and a bio-security levy, but I will leave politics to my other sites.

justified gallery with row_count="3"

Yes... the camera was upside down. What I really want is that lying in a lazy sunny meadow feeling that almost comes out in the picture of the camera.

From the camera

Maybe I just don't want it quite so busy or closeup?

ap_50 class

The margin on ap_left and ap_right means they won't sit next to each other, so class ap_50 is a 50% width with no margin, although I could use ap_gallery like above but a column count of 2.

from camera

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