Last updated: 2022-03-01

My Timeline

The posts in this topic are my personal diary in so far as I'm willing to share it with friends, Romans and countrymen" who happen to be lending people ears (not to mention bigoted hateful TERFs and cyber trolls who are deaf, dumb and blind and not worth talking to).

Inspiring Life

I think reality manifests in the material universe as a result of the laws of physics and not the whims of an inscrutibe supernatural being. Those natural laws themselves appear to be eternal, ubiquitous and inviolate. They are neither physical, nor are they properties of anything in particular. Even time and space would be merely emergent phenomena from said laws, while the laws themselves are pure math: A spiritual force exploring all possibilities and ultimately seeking out those that physically transpire.

Thus I believe that things happen in the now, not just as a consequence of the past, but equally for a destiny in the future. In mundane life it may look like causality without intent, yet overall it's hard to deny sentient consciousnes has evolved as an intelligent design of this cosmic spirit. Indeed our own collective intelligence is an instrument in exploring more intelligent designs by striving for excellence in mutual competition. It's a kind of bootsrap system wherein we too are integral part of the cosmic spirit, of Mother Nature. Part of our ever vigilant spiritual Goddess that creates life with.

Liberating Thought

For most of history education has meant indoctrination. People were told what to think and forced to conform. In enlightened times philosophers have questioned established wisdom and challenged authority.

Today, I believe the true purpose of education, politics and the internet is in providing each and every one of us with the freedom, the tools and the information we need to think for ourselves, to make intelligent informed decisions and maybe unite with like minds to strive for common higher purpose of our own choosing rather than what is dictated from above by a tyranical despot. May the best thrive on their own merits rather than by subjugating and exploiting others.

You can explore my topic time lines from the main menu and I shall just leave this introduction with discussion I did on fact checking. TL;DR No matter how well intentioned, don't let others tell us what to think. Be critical and think for your self!