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Having been bullied off social media, this is now my substitute, but without big-tech thought police and mob rule abuse. I believe I have nothing to hide and have every right to put my thouoghts online.

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Last updated: 2021-12-18

2021-12-03 Goodbye Bitchute

I won't be back

Presumably intended for on-topic discussion of the associated video, Bitchute forums have degenerated under seige from faceless trolls. The recent ones impersonating me, are relentlessly posting agravating slander and indirect threats. They are way off topic and derail all intelligent debate, especially when it disagrees with their far left ideology. After I shut my forums because I don't have time to clean up all their mess every day, they started spamming up other people's forums, yet carried on targeting me personally, there where I could do nothing about it.

BitChute aims to put creators first and provide them with a service that they can use to flourish and express their ideas freely.

These trolls however are NOT "creators" they upload no material of their own. They are parasites using free accounts with the sole purpose of malicious gossip and sabotage. Conceptully Bitchute would be community moderated, but some channel owners take no responsibility for what is posted on their forums and rarely engage in discussion anyway. All they actually care about is broadcating their opinions. Bitchute at one time used Disqus as their commenting platform, but Disqus terminated their agreement due to the abuse. Free speech? Abuse it, and you lose it!

I wanted to make video blogs and had even bought a Bitchute gold membership a few years running, not because I needed the extra channels, but because I wanted to support their free speech initiative. However, these troll accounts, are freeloaders, but it looks like Bitchute have made their choice that it's the kind of community they want, so I won't be back.

UGE tube

Ive' moved to UGEtube which does have facility to block people from posting, but the embed feature is defective, IDK what they are like on censorship and TBH I might as well just upload my videos to my own website. I could open up my own howl.zone commenting platform or simply go back to Disqus forums, with the advantage that you can follow people from and to other Disqus sites.

Scrap Metal 2021-09-30

For the last two months while walking my dog I've been picking up carelessly discarded drinks cans, crushing them and collecting them in a big cardboard box, up to a dozen a time on some walks. I also had an alloy wheel that was cracked due to hitting a large pothole one night. It couldn't be repaired as the crack was at the base of a spoke.

There was a queue of vehicles at the first scrap metal dealer and after waiting for over half an hour I decided it wasn't worth my time. I drove round to another one and there I rolled straight in. You can see what they paid me on the receipt. Now I wouldn't say it was an easy way to make money, but it also helps keep the environment tidy. Drinks cans are not bio-degradable and I really just don't understand people's attitude given city council has refuse bins in strategic places. Here is some video footage of me picking up on one of my dog walks.

Cyclist Hazard 2021-08-02

Reversing out of my driveway and suddenly I hear a loud shout and see a cyclist with a trailer behind him swerve off the foot path. I have little sympathy for him as I was being cautious and slow. Our street is designated as a dedicated cycle route where vehicles give way to bicycles and he has no justification for cycling on the foot path.

My neighbour insists on growing a hedge all down the side of my driveway, so I've had this problem many times before with fast moving bicycles and e-scooters wizzing along the foot path: I just can't see them until they are right behind me. Last year I almost ran over a young girl on her bicycle because I was distracted by her father who was cycling on the road and shouting something (probably to his daughter).

Our street is a dedicate cycle way where bicycles have priority yet people continue to ride on the foot path, which I think is dangerous when cars are emerging from their driveway. None the less other people's safety is far more important to me than my neighbours hedge so some of my driveway weed killer (accidentally of course) blew over that last bush there and had thined the leaves, but evidently not enough to give me a clear view.

Letter Box Raid 2021-07-30

Glancing out the window, I saw a dark skinned girl on her way home stop in front of my letter box. She was wearing her school uniform and appeared to be wiping the front of the box (not actually lifting the lid). Then she raised her arms and was waving her hands in like a ritual motion. I thought WTF is she doing? Then she crouched down and appeared to be wiping the front again. I had grabbed my cell phone to record it but it was taking a while to power up.

It now dawned on me that she had slipped a thread under the lid, pulled it up to release the catch and then pulled the thread forward to peer inside the box without even touching it. Now she was walking away and I didn't get a picture. She evidently couldn't see me staring out through the ventian blinds. I went out and walked down to the letter box. SHe was walking calmly some way ahead and not paying attention to other letter boxes. I just don't know what that was about but I'm going to have to be prepared to record things when the kids come out of school. I may well decide to follow them and see where they live because over the years they have taken thousands of dollars worth of stuff from me and the cops shrug "it's just kids" as if that makes theft acceptable behaviour.