Malevolent Defamation

Last updated: 2021-12-12

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I am in the process of restructuring and adding to this thread. My aim is to comprehensively document the experienced and ongoing reign of terror that is being perpetrated by covert agitators. These are trolls who with malice of forethought, gleefully manipilate authorities and inspire mobs of haters to intimidate, persecute and inflict harm, especially on vulnerable individuals who venture to question their bigoted ideology.

Bearing False Witness

Hong Kong students unable to return home for fear of persecution

Today in New Zealand, many authorities are asking people to come forward and denounce those they see breaking a law or defying "the rules". Penalties and sanctions can then be administered to penalize them, without questioning the right to protest and defy unjust and uncalled for regulations. Snitches are granted the opportunity to do so anonymously, yet little thought has been devoted to prevent it being abused by people of vindictive nature, hateful prejudice, or with a personal grudge. Refugees from communist China have been warning us of this ugly snitch powered social credit system for decades and now it's coming here!

Phony Democracy


Down through history the common man has been exploited, oppressed, enslaved and abused by arrogant self appointed elites. Time and again man has risen to fight for fundamental human rights, but before you know it, the usurpers reign again, terrorising the people with violence and genocide that can only ever end in a bloody war.

Today it is financial "stake holders", intent on global domination. They want to create totalitarian technocratic one world order in which they comprehensively administrate every single resource on our planet, humanity itself being one of them. Documents like UN agenda 21, and The WEF's 4th industrial revolution detail their nefarious plans, but cloaked in fancy words to make it sound beficient. Their sinister genocidal Masonic objectives are engraved in the Georgia guidestones. We've been fooled to think we were living in a democracy, but truth be told, every single political party is promoting the same globalist policies, getting their citizens ever deeper in debt to the furtive international financial cabal.

Financed by corporate advertizing and with generous government subsidies, the 4th estate have been easily seduced into acting as propaganda machine for the NWO. Information technology has been hijacked as the basis of a sinister surveilance state while the emerging social credit snitch society is driven by the malice of bullies who thrive on causing misery for their fellow man. It is my personal experience of these creeps that I shall focus on here.

the Cyber Bullies

We've recently seen a disgraceful performance by high ranking member of the Maori party abusing her connections to get a man sacked from his factory shift for having dared to publicly question the Maori Party systemic racist agenda. A cyber bully was bragging about being the one who "tipped her off" and he was now threatening other people. I discuss it on my page about Cellphones in the Park where we learn there is a group of them on Facebook who coordinate criminal harassment actions of people they want to silence.

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Here is a recent screen shot of what they are posting in the comments on other people's Bitchute channels. None of it is on topic of the video they are commenting on. I have no means to moderate the abuse there, while the channel owners don't seem to think they have any responsibility for the filth they are hosting. One of the trolls is using a photo of me as his avatar. He is using my dead name from before I transitioned and claiming I would be a racist and a rapist, while the other one alleges I take photos of women in wash rooms. None of that is true of course, but I do know where it comes from as I've been through it all before. The malevolent intent is clear from the fact they already used my video to identify where I live, then dobbed me in for walking my dog off the lead although it can have had no relevance to them at all. They've stated they are doing leaflet drops in my area to incite hostilities and from what they are posting here you can infer what kind of allegations they will be disseminating. I think slander and defamation are illegal bit police told me they have more serious work to do. They have simply ignored me ever since.


Who are these trolls and what motivates them? Well... they are far too persistent and hateful to just be out to trash people's lives "for the lulz". They are deliberately targeting anyone who has dared question imposition "substantive" racial equality redistribution of equity based on race.


"blink-182, claims to be speaking on behalf of the Maori party and he cast aspersions on Carl's channel implying Carl somehow had something to do with the Brenton Tarrant mosque shooting. These two trolls are working together and IMO they are deliberately engineering a pretense of right wing white supremacy. They also seem to have an inordinate amount of time on their hands and their seething hatred seems pathological. I directed them to read a reply on my own site. There I recorded their IP adresses. These are both static and the service provider would be able to identify who owns them. - 'Daffy Duck' - Wellington 6148 - static - 'blink-182' - Auckland 1150 - static

Daffy Duck, has also gone by the name Lee Williams, Dental Damaged Retard and Teary My Arse Up... He is known to live in Christchurch and has been filmed assaulting Carl Bromley at a protest in the park, he actually created some uploads himself recently. One threatens Bromley and the others are all directly or indirectly aimed at me. e.g. even the ones showing him buy weed killer he made shortly after I made a video about weeds and he uses an old avatar of mine as thumbnail image. It confirms he's stalking me. His IP address being in Wellington suggests he may be using his employer's network and it wouldn't surprise me if he's actually being paid for this trolling.

In several posts blink-182 has implied he has knowledge of my siblings cheating me out of signicant inheritance. The thumbnail opens a gallery of some of those posts. It is relevant because my siblings were involved in defaming me to my lawyers, they were also in contact with Amanda Rowe when she was inciting the previous hate wave against me and other haters have also named them. There is skullduggery there that needs to come to light.

blink-182 repeatedly stated he represents the Maori Party. He says they are hunting down white supremacists. Daffy Duck bragged how he got the Maori Party to destroy Lee Williams. Lee Williams is a friend of Carl Bromley and Terry Opines. I'm not a friend of any of them, but I had posted on-topic of their videos. Thus the trolls descended on mine so I shut down the discussions. The trolls decided to use Carl and Terry's forums to target me and sadly neither of those saw it as their responsibility to moderate.


Does it really matter? Well a few years ago, similar false accusations resulted in vandalism, thefts and physical threats too. For instance Two wahine with moko on their chins tried to run me over on a zebra crossing, then reversed to try again when I dived out of the way. On a neighbourly site I put the security footage of the kids with big sticks raiding my letter box and asked if anyone knew who they were. The police phoned me up and ordered me to take it down as "the parents haven't given permission to use it". They did nothing to stop the ongoing hate crimes against me, nor to establish who was causing it or why. All they've ever done is add abuse and threats of their own.

The Blackmail Rapist

Amanda Rowe

A tresspasser on my doorstep leering at me as she refuses to leave on request. Back then I had simple pocket camera and hadn't taken up photography as a hobby. I snapped this picture as evidence of her not leaving. Click the thumb nail to read what was written at the time.

Next thing I know I get a phone call from the police telling me they are putting me on a charge of assault. I tell them she forced her way in to my home and assaulted me and I say I have a right to self defense, but they say don't want to hear my "stories" and that the bruises she sustained are all the evidence they need. What they don't know is that Amanda Rowe is into self harm. She has a mental condition known as Dermatillomania. All the scars on her body are self inflicted. Although I don't doubt she had bruises as a result of my struggle to get her out (I certainly did), I wouldn't put it past her to add a few just for effect. However the cop made clear he wasn't going to listen so I told them to go ahead and put me on that charge as I have every legal right to expell unwanted intruders by force. IMHO they should have been asking her why she was in my home uninvited and why she attacked me without any provocation, but they are gender biased, and worse than useless.


That, however is not where it started with Amanda. She made multiple slanderous allegations of child abuse to CYF. Many times my son was brought home to me from school, crying his eyes out after yet anther intrusive interrogation. Ajacent a sample of a consequent CYF report. I was the target of one intrusive investigation after the other, but why the hell did NOBODY ever question Amanda's motives and why protect her identity and her lies, so I could never face my accuser? Amanda lives on the other side of town. She knows nothing of what goes on with MY child. It's all in her head, or it's just pure malice that authorities empowered without reservation!

Back in England, my boy had previously been exploited as a pawn for profit by his bio-mum (and her rutting partner). Their aim was to screw me out of my home and extract as much equity as they could get. Once they realized I had nothing more to give they decided they didn't want our child. After having denied us even just e-mail contact for years, suddenly I had to rearrange my life and go get him. They paid not one cent towards any of it and now this new ghastly female was using my shild once again to get at me.

She then moved on to sabotaging my enjoyment of an online game alleging I would be dressing as a woman and using it to seduce young children into a pedophile ring. It's sheer projection. Transgender is nothing to do with seducing children. Next she was conniving with my siblings to screw me out of my inheritance and I will be documenting their shenanigans on that too. Amanda sent me over 6000 hate mails. I resisted responding for the first 4000 or so and my son seeing how distressed I was told me to just delete them all. I did, but on and on she went, so eventually I wanted to know what her motive was. Then the police blamed me for having responded. Well that's not right, is it?

What next?

It's become obvious that I'm going to have to contest extensive malfeasance where the authorities are not even scratching the surface. I don't want to have to keep writing all these details, so I'm going full-on public with this website where all the evidence will be presented. For now my questions are:

That's it from me for now, but my intention is to publish all the true evidence I have. I claim a right to do so because nobody has stopped the haters from doxxing me along with a brrage of slander and lies, and nobody listens to what I say.