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Last updated: 2022-07-01

2022-07-02 Nocturnal Dog Training

Started taking Fuego out on his own. It's to teach him one on one to walk nicely with me. With the other dogs there he is too riled up, barking and pulling on the lead with all his might. He set the other dogs off too, but on his own he's been a little angel. I think he will learn quickly. He is of course devastated when it's not his turn and have to I leave him at home on his own.

Nature walks are realxing with the dogs off the lead as this breed has loads of energy to burn, but I also want to train Tama. He's fine on the lead and doesn't bother Lucy so I took them out at 3:30am.

Lucy was obedient as always and trotting ahead to wait at the next junction when a guy pushing a laden shopping trolly (WTF at 3:30am in the dark?) started shouting abuse at me from the other side of the road. He demanded I put my dog on the lead. He had a dog with him that he said would teach mine how to fight. To me his dog looked perfectly relaxed and Lucy wasn't interested. I told him to mind his own business and we carried on.

Further up there was a cat and I had to restrain Tama. Luckily he didn't start barking like Fuego would have done. I really don't like making noise that might disturb people's sleep. Lucy remained calm. She looked at me and I told her what a good girl she is and to walk on with me. Tama was then happy to follow.

We got home where Fuego was sad and wanted a cuddle. Then I played glow bounce with him and Lucy. Tama remained calm this time and lay quietly chewing an old shoe while we played.

I feel I'm making progress finally. A lot depends on whether I'm stressed because the dogs pick up on that. It's another reason why it's so important to stop the relentless targeted harassment.

2022-06-28 Time for Lawyers?

I applied under the official information act for details of accusations made to WINZ, but have heard nothing yet even though I think it's past their deadline. I have however recieved a reply to my inquiry with the police. Apparently I'm not allowed to divulge that information, but some details had been "redacted". In other words the information was withheld "under section 53c". So since this is NOT information I can divulge this screen shot.

While I inderstand that snitches and criminals need protection, I think their victims also deserve it. In fact, protection under the law is in the UN declaration of fundamental human rights. Thus I believe I have a right to know what I am accused of and a right to reply and defense. Consequently I also believe that the infringement fees imposed on me recently without any such opportunity will be unlawful.

I hereby assert that any penalties imposed on me must be determined in a court of law where I am given an opportunity to defened myself. Failing that I will not acknowledge their legitimacy nor comply voluntarily.

Assiduous hate mongers have declared themselves unwilling to relent and it's too much for me to deal with on my own so I'm going to get a lawyer involved, despite my previous dire experience with theor ilk. It was Alex Bellfield that pursauded me that it's the only way to go even if I don't have his charisma or access to funds.

There can be no surrender, not even under the emerging shitty totalitarian regime here.

2022-06-21 Is 21st century life worth living?

Didn't sleep well and been feeling depressed. The only joy I get from life has been walking my dogs. Just out of the gate, but Tama and Fuego are so powerful now. The driveway was slippery and I had to release them, or I would have gone down.

With puppies barking at her, Lucy too has been playing up. She is reluctant to go the way I tell her. She clearly communicates that she wants to do busy roads and traffic lights instead of bland parks, but I haven't dared to ever since I learned the dog-lead by-laws aren't just for Covid 19 level 4.

Outrageous sanctions and threats made me realize that complying with them now, isn't going to make a blind bit of difference, so fuck these arrogant cunts! Decided to take Lucy for a town walk anyway. Shit will the proverbial fan sooner or later and I'm gunna escalate it all the way because training Lucy to be traffic-wise has been one of the very few things making life even worth living.

We walked thru the park and soon discovered more dog lead compulsion... alegedly to protect "nesting birds (in the middle of the winter, I wondered?" I've not seen my dogs even attempt to attack wild life (apart from chassing a rabbit once that Fuego didn't come anywhere near catching).

Yesterday I found a dead kingfisher on the path there. I hate seeing things like that. I didn't have my camera so I picked it up and took it home. I couldn't actually face doing an autopsy. I'm not qualified anyway, but I bet this was done by a cat rather than an "off the leash" dog. I do know there are lots of irresponsible people around, who don't give a damn, but I will supervise my dogs. I would never let them kill anything that wasn't officially a pest.

2022-06-11 - Walking in the forest

my dogs

Yesterday I had accidentally left my camera in the car, but as soon as I realized we about-turned and strode swiftly back to reduce the chance of it being stolen. Expecting the worst, I heaved a sigh of relief when it was still in the glove compartment. I've started uploading pictures to my howl zone site again, but still not sure how to organize them. This time, after deleting the totally failed ones, I put them in folders related to the date.

Today I got some nice pictures but without Aroha as he wasn't with us this time. Since the pictures often have many dogs in them I'm putting my edited versions in the lucy folder.

Bottle Lake forest is one of the few nature walks where dog leads are optional, but we met a woman with hers on a lead. Tama and Fuego (my 6 month old puppies) had gone up and sniffed her dog and I could tell by her reaction she was not happy so I told them to run on and they did.

Then she started giving me a lecture that I should put mine on a leash whenever I see another dog on a lead. I explained mine were obedient and had done as I told them. She then launched into a rant how it wasn't fair on her dog. I calmly told her I simply would not be able to get all the leads out of my backpack, and catch all my dogs every time I see one on a lead.

What gets me is the attitude. People are taught to respect and defer to women and some just take it for granted, but for so many years I've let these Karen's intimidate, bully and boss me around. Now they just make me angry. There are plenty of nice walks where dog leads are mandatory, she should go there. Mine had done nothing wrong atall.

2022-04-23 - Three Dead Mice

I've been leaving the back door open so that my canines can go potty when they need to, especially as they had a bout of diareah a few weeks back. Fuego had learned how to open the front door, so he was able to get out, but the others just couldn't hold it until I got there.

Alas allowing the dogs to get out also allows mice to get in and since we're now having frosty nights there seem to be lots of them. They nibbled a hole thru the bag of dog biscuits and had been feasting on those. I discovered they had also been pissing and shitting on them and maybe that is why my dogs had the diareah in the first place, so yesterday I bought 2 mouse traps. I had barely put one down and heard it snap.

I felt bad looking at the innocent little creature. I don't like killing and even struggle with fishing but the humane traps where you release them outside would just mean they come straight back in. I doubt I could be a butcher and the story my dad told me once of a deer with half it's legs shot off, walking on magot infested stumps made me vow never to be a hunter either. It does seem hypocritical that I eat meat and feed it to my dogs too. Yet it's that never ending struggle between prey and pradator that is the origin of species.

I want to resurect an old blog of mine about intelligent design if I can find it. Spoiler: the intelligence of Nature resides in the interaction ecosystem, just like our own intelligence is in miriad connections between neurons rather than a single magical ganglion that lords it over the rest. By analogy I believe centralized government is doomed to fail and suspect that the concept of an omniscient omnipotent creator is indeed a delusion.

I have no qualms about killing flies but I won't be shamed into a diet of insects artificial proteine or veganism. It's not natural, but I will pay the extra price for grass fed beef, freedom farmed pork, and free range eggs as I do think animals should be treated with respect and compassion.

2022-04-20 new doggy-do bags

Last week I bought two brand new Chuckit dog balls that Lucy loves to chase on the beach. I also bought a packet of bio-degradeable doggy-do bags, because I do think tidying up after my dog is the right thing to do. I left the balls under the seat in my car and put the bags in a spare box on the dash board so I will have them handy whenever we go out. Mysteriously the balls disappeared. I searched high and low in the house and garden incase my puppies had run off with them, but found them not.

Today setting off for a walk, I went to get a fresh roll of pooh bags out of the car, because the one in my pocket had run out. Opening the box on the dashboard I discovered they too were mising. Just two used face masks remained. My spare glasses were also gone from the glove compartment and while none of it is particularly valuable I can only conclude my car was broken in to. Come to think of it, I found the car door had not been shut properly one morning and now I suspect thieves had seen me walking the dog. They would have sneaked up my drive way while I was out. This kind of thing has been going on for years and they do it for fun.

Lucy, Tama and I went for our walk around the block. Both of them did a dirty big shit on the pavement. All I could think is, "thank you my dogs" for giving back to the community what they have earned.

Note: I'll get some new bags and if the turds are still there next time I walk past, I might consider picking them up. OTOH, society is clearly turning to shit, so why should I even care at all?

Almosty home and Lucy runs off to see if Brew is in. He's the father of her puppies. Kate is relaxing in her garden and invites me in. She asks how I am and normally I lie and say "I'm fine thanks, how are you?", but this time I tell her the truth and she dashes in and gives me a pretty posie of nastertiums from her garden. The bright colors cheer me up and I've been taking them with me to whatever room I'm in. It's funny how something like that really does make difference!

2022-04-02 Government by the people?

I've been very concerned about world political situation in that all our governments are on board with a globalist NWO where we will be ruled by an international financial elite. Horrified, I watch yet another video of police arresting a man for an online post he allegedly made and we've seen peaceful protestors violently assaulted and treated like criminals by the cops and the courts, while the corrupt media spin it as had they been a threat to society. Do I even want to live under such an oppressive regime?

I've blogged elsewhere about the abuse I recieve from authorities at the instigation of anonymous haters. Nobody checks their motives of vindictive unprovoked malice, now today my two puppies started attacking Lucy (their mother) as we were out walking and I had to separate them. Lucy is very sensible in traffic so I sent her ahead and told her to go left then wait at the crossing. As I rounded the corner I could see her standing exactly where I wanted her but some youths were taking a picture with their cell phone. They saw me and shouted that I should have my dog on the lead then took a picture of me with the two puppies (both on leads). I asked if they were going to dob me in with the council and they told me they had big hunting dogs themselves and how irresponsible I was.

The other day I took my dogs up on the hill and there lovely walks there. It's not lambing season and many paths don't go anywhere near sheep. Apart from that, I taught Lucy not to chase them and had been hoping to teach the puppies too, but big signs everywhere that dogs have to be on a lead. I wonder if those "men" have their hunting dogs on leads when they go hunting? All I want is a nice relaxing walk in nature with my canine companions. They would love to burn off some energy with a good run, bounding over the hills, just for the sheer joy of it. Maybe it's time to fight back? Total non compliance. Let them do their worst. There will be consequences because I would rather die than live in fear in a dystopian world run by snitches and bureaucrats on a power trip.

2022-03-23 Not connected

my Disqus

With social media you can subscribe to channels you would like to get notifications about updates, however that is then confined to that specific platform. I often found I got none or too many and was unable to communicate due to censorship there. Recently I tried to respond to a Youtuber but found I was shadow banned. I went looking for him on alternative media but found no way to connect, so I wondered about what if somone wanted to communicate with me?

At one time I did contemplate implementing a traditional RSS feed for my site(s), but I gather few people use those. RSS is broadcast only and does not facilitate recieving any kind of response.

If anyone did want to follow me the best way would be by subscribing, or simply visiting my Disqus channel which covers my own site(s) as well as my interaction on other sites that use Disqus too and I plan to make more use of it as handy notes or supplements to my pages.

2022-03-22 ngaro.site - my lost voice

In the night I resurected some of my old blog pages about photography. Here is one about my Christchurch Earthquake experience. I really do want to get on with genuine things and meanwhile my dogs are clamouring for more attention. I've heard nothing about the court case trying to defend myself from the cancel mob, but plenty of threats from various authorities, so I'm gunna have to reengage with that 😒

2022-03-11 Perestroika (and my birthday too)

Mikhail Gorbachev made the words perestroika and glasnost renowned world wide, as he announced a restructuring of the Soviet Union on the principles of openness and transparency. These are the ideals I too hold dear for all of humanity: That we all have free speech and freedom of information, to say what we think, to read what we want and to make our own mind up about truth without fear of reprisal.

Alas the world at large and most notably the once free West has been sliding into the grasp of totalitarianism, censorship, social credit systems where the most cowardly gutter snipers rule by engaging cancel culture to take decent people down. Thus we live in fear not knowing who is watching and what we might be accused of next. I myself, was bullied off big tech social media, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube... by malevolent mobs. They had been incited with malicious rumours. Outright slander coming from faceless cowards, concealed behind fake identities.

My response was to make my own independent websites, but even those have come under attack. The malevolent shit stirrers also abused authorities to persecute me IRL, and I do intend to stop them now. Either way, it's not going to deter me from speaking my mind in public. In due course I will be disclosing the truth behind the malice and lies, but that is not what my websites were ever intended to be about. All I wanted was to blog about creative programming ideas, and other hobbies like photography as well as my insights into social issues and current affairs.

I currently have three domain names that I intend to keep. One is right here and it's just whatever x10hosting offered for their free site service although I've since upgraded to their premium service, but saw no reason to change the name. Another one is ngaro.site. It used to be "ngaro.online", but site is shorter and was a cheaper domain. "ngaro" means lost. It is my last name in te Reo. Finally I also created howl.zone that was intended to become a free speech platform of my own design, but I decided there were just too many malevolent little shits out there with nothing better to do in their pathetic existance than gleefully trash anything anyone else tries to create. I didn't fancy spending all my time moderating their abuse, so I'm just going to develop it for myself for now. The hosting is currently provided on my ngaro server even though the name is registered elsewhere and could be pointed to any server I choose.

On this service I shall be blogging about my personal experiences, world events and political issues the way I see them. In my howl zone I'm just going to host photo galleries and some videos too as well as implementing free speech commenting system, just all for myself for now. The ngaro site will talk about my IT technology ideas as well as thechniques in photography and any other hobbies I may have. At the moment I'm investigating how to deal with assiduous hack attempts, making my site "bullet proof" using radical and innovative techniques of my own design. I even intend to publish my code and we'll see if the hackers can find any way in. Regardless if they succeed, there is nothing they can compromise, as it's just a copy of what I have on my home computer 😜.

2022-03-01 Back to Disqus

Disqus is the generic commenting system that I originally had chose for my website. It's a free speech system that relies on page administrators to do their own moderation. You can follow people who make interesting comments and thus find other websites of interest that also use Disqus. I was looking for alternatives because it was malfunctioning, but this was due to security features in my web browser, like disabling 3rd party cookies (Disqus would be a third party on my site). Having explore alternatives I've decided to go back to Disqus. Click the Disqus icon to give it a try.

I did explore integrating Dissenter. Dissenter was a browser pugin that allowed anyone to post comments on any web page, but moderation would be down to the Dissenter team exclusivel, and so, far from being actual free speech, they even shut my account down for using the 'N' word where it was inline with the page I was commenting on. Also, I personally don't want filth plastered all over my web pages, that I can do nothing about, so I understand that other big tech banned the plugin and it became only available with the Dissenter web browser itself.

I was also interested in creating my own discussion platform "howl.zone". That too would be free speech but with community moderation facilities: Anyone can cause any comment to be hidden pending review. Only things that actually break the law would need to be removed because people could set their own filters of what they didn't want to see. Events elsewhere made me realize I would need a large team to review all the flagged content, so I explored allowing users to host their own comments on their own server. That way I would not be responsible for what they post, but would get quite technical and just facilitate abusive online behavior. I've shelved that project for now, but I still think the idea has potential.

2021-12-03 Goodbye Bitchute

I won't be back

Presumably intended for on-topic discussion of the associated video, Bitchute forums have degenerated under seige from faceless trolls. The recent ones impersonating me, are relentlessly posting agravating slander and indirect threats. They are way off topic and derail all intelligent debate, especially when it disagrees with their far left ideology. After I shut my forums because I don't have time to clean up all their mess every day, they started spamming up other people's forums, yet carried on targeting me personally, there where I could do nothing about it.

BitChute aims to put creators first and provide them with a service that they can use to flourish and express their ideas freely.

These trolls however are NOT "creators" they upload no material of their own. They are parasites using free accounts with the sole purpose of malicious gossip and sabotage. Conceptully Bitchute would be community moderated, but some channel owners take no responsibility for what is posted on their forums and rarely engage in discussion anyway. All they actually care about is broadcating their opinions. Bitchute at one time used Disqus as their commenting platform, but Disqus terminated their agreement due to the abuse. Free speech? Abuse it, and you lose it!

I wanted to make video blogs and had even bought a Bitchute gold membership a few years running, not because I needed the extra channels, but because I wanted to support their free speech initiative. However, these troll accounts, are freeloaders, but it looks like Bitchute have made their choice that it's the kind of community they want, so I won't be back.

UGE tube

Ive' moved to UGEtube which does have facility to block people from posting, but the embed feature is defective, IDK what they are like on censorship and TBH I might as well just upload my videos to my own website. I could open up my own howl.zone commenting platform or simply go back to Disqus forums, with the advantage that you can follow people from and to other Disqus sites.

Scrap Metal 2021-09-30

For the last two months while walking my dog I've been picking up carelessly discarded drinks cans, crushing them and collecting them in a big cardboard box, up to a dozen a time on some walks. I also had an alloy wheel that was cracked due to hitting a large pothole one night. It couldn't be repaired as the crack was at the base of a spoke.

There was a queue of vehicles at the first scrap metal dealer and after waiting for over half an hour I decided it wasn't worth my time. I drove round to another one and there I rolled straight in. You can see what they paid me on the receipt. Now I wouldn't say it was an easy way to make money, but it also helps keep the environment tidy. Drinks cans are not bio-degradable and I really just don't understand people's attitude given city council has refuse bins in strategic places. Here is some video footage of me picking up on one of my dog walks.

Cyclist Hazard 2021-08-02

Reversing out of my driveway and suddenly I hear a loud shout and see a cyclist with a trailer behind him swerve off the foot path. I have little sympathy for him as I was being cautious and slow. Our street is designated as a dedicated cycle route where vehicles give way to bicycles and he has no justification for cycling on the foot path.

My neighbour insists on growing a hedge all down the side of my driveway, so I've had this problem many times before with fast moving bicycles and e-scooters wizzing along: I just can't see them until they are right behind me. Last year I almost ran over a young girl on her bicycle because I was distracted by her father who was cycling on the road and shouting something (probably to his daughter).

Our street is a dedicated cycle way with 30kph speed limit. Cyclists have priority yet people continue to ride on the foot path, which I think more dangerous than cycling on the road. None the less other people's safety is far more important to me than my neighbours hedge so some of my driveway weed killer (accidentally of course) blew over that last bush there and had thined the leaves, but evidently not enough to give me a clear view.