Objective Climate Science


The links on this page are just some of the ones I had accumulated in a Disqus forum on my old website, but I lost them all when I created a new Disqus account. The bigest issue I have with this kind of page is the time it takes to fetch all vodeo static images, but the number that have been censored by sinister agenda from Youtube detracts significantly too.

All I got was shills sneering that I would have presented no "science" to backup my petition and that I hadn't managed to get anyone to sign. Well pay your carbon tax little a good little imbecile, surrender your jobs to 3rd world economies and watch them take our technology and industry while multi-national corporations and the World bank get rich. I'm getting only grief for trying to be informed, and TBH I don't think it's worth it.

children traumatized by "climate emergency" hysteria... should we risk exposing our kids to this kind of indoctrination?

BBC providing a public platform for the "Extinction Rebellion" sophistry.

The science says

CO2 had dropped to 30 parts per million above the "death of plants"... if it wasn't for us putting CO2 back life would soon be dying. Find Dr Patrick Moore at http://ecosense.me/

Subsidized and imposed "green" technology

A gravy train to riches for the few at our expense.

Sky News Australia

Green extremists are hiding behind children. Silenced on Youtube, but still available at skynews.

Paul Joseph Watson

... the bit that scared me was the 13,500 likes for a most ignorant tweet.

Marc Morano talks about:

Ice Age Now

The following "unavailable" video was by a reputable geology scientist about solar cycles and how agriculture might fail as we reach a solar minimum.