The Green Lie

No Climate Emergency say 500 Scientists to UN

New Zealand politicians, be they in national or regional politics, overwhelmingly endorse the virtue signaling climate emergency scare, but few of them practice what they preach. They allege climate deniers, but it's high time we confront the climate liars!

Terrorizing Our Kids

Young kids off school because the principle wanted them all to participate in "extinction rebellion" protests. Subsequently local city council and our prime minister too proclaim Climate Emergency.

Petition for Climate Sanity in Education

Dear educators,

Education is pivotal to a young person's attitude in life. With this petition we (i.e those signing the online petition) beseech you to ensure the climate emergency narrative in schools is not cultivating a demoralizing sense of doom and hopelessness that might undermine their motivation.

Disinformation today could even be leading some to become desperate eco-terrorists, or contribute to youth suicides. Please help them keep a balanced and informed perspective:

  • CO2 is not toxic and not a pollutant.
  • CO2 is essential to life.
  • load
    Atmospheric CO2 had declined to dangerously low levels.
  • Burning fossil fuel restores carbon to where it came from.
  • For most of Earth's history life thrived in a warmer climate.
  • Life thrived with more CO2 than there is today.
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    Raising atmospheric CO2 is greening our planet.
  • If we prepare for it rather than fight it, changing climate need not be life threatening.
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    Climate change is dominated by solar cycles, beyond our control.
  • Proposed measures have negative side effects.
  • Our government's proposals will cripple our industry.
  • They will promote economies of the worst offenders.

Many people believe that free-market economy will regulate the declining fossil fuel far more effectively than incentives and penalties imposed by legions of bureaucrats guided by politicians.

Please teach our kids not to get swept along by hysterical political propaganda. Please help them to understand the reality and the science behind climate change, so they too can make informed decisions for their future. Please share this petition with your staff, colleagues, pupils, or your teacher.


Angelica Perduta

Political Agenda

The real issue is not climate change. It is a pretext for globalist One World order under a totalitarian UN control. Politicians on a power trip and some like Soros who want to reign like Gods over us indigent mortals. They abuse immature children like Greta Thunberg for emotional appeal.

PROOF: Greta Thunberg is "mentally ill" being "weaponized" | Ezra Levant

OMG... just look at that mother of Greta's! Attention seeking MSBP oozes out of her every manerism!

An Example

denuded hills

For decades already, "sustainable timber" production has reaped carbon concessions, because allegedly it extracts CO2 from the atmosphere, but just how "green" are they really?

These trees are an imported species, planted often with government subsidies on hillsides that were deliberately denuded of the original flora and fauna. They form a sterile mono-culture, an ecosystem that sustains litle wildlife and is less efficient at extracting Carbon from the atmosphere than the native bush they replace.

The raw timber goes to the docks, but before it can be shipped it must be treated in big gas tents with Methyl Bromide to kill potential borer infestation. Methyl bromide is ozone depleting and it's protracted use will have been a factor in the Ozone hole that causes skin cancer in our country. Methyl bromide is also a potent green house gas. The New Zealand EPA did finally specify residual fumigant must be recaptured and/or destroyed as of 2020. However in-transit phosphine (PH3) fumigation is permitted as a phytosanitary treatment for export logs to China. There are few regulations of how and where they dispose of that, once in international waters.

Saw mills in low wage economies with more lenient environmental restrictions turn it into wooden beams for the construction industry and then some will be shipped back for our own use. All this shipping might help businesses bypass regulations and reduce labor costs, but will adversely affect the carbon footprint of said "green" industry as a whole.

With plummeting lumber prices New Zealand "sustainable" timber industry struggles to make ends meet. For instance, where I lived in the Marlboro sounds they declared it economically not viable to replant after the harvest. All the topsoil washed into the sea, smothering marine life and leaving barren denuded hills where only gorse would grow.

The source of climate hysteria


How did the climate scare become a thing?

Agenda 21, a globalist conspiracy for world domination

The current Climate Emergency narrative is a product of the Paris agreement, in which virtue signaling politicians from many countries signed themselves up to unrealistic commitments, that actual science does not confirm would be effective. Under Trump's Administration the United States has withdrawn from the Paris agreement while evidence suggests the worst offenders are making no effort to comply. It is sometimes referred to as Agenda 2030.


Green industries can become more like ecological disasters. Heavily subsidized and profiteering on tradable carbon concessions in reality they are destroying our countryside for political virtue signaling and profiteering. Don't be sucked in by the hype and propaganda!


I had included lots of relevant links in Disqus comments on my previous website and others had contributed more. Sadly I lost them when creating a new Disqus account, but I did manage to put some of them on a separate page that you can find in the index for this topic here. I hope to add the others eventually, but meanwhile, here is a recent video from Friends of Science that exposes the insanity of the Paris accord... that many governments signed us up to without refering to the people they are meant to represent.

The Last Time I Saw Paris - Are we obliged to meet targets?

I also wrote some pages exposing misleading propaganda in government proposals here in New Zealand.