The Wolf of Mossville

Last updated: 2022-05-16

Counter Slut Walk Protest
Thought provoking

Lauren was beseiged by hateful and I think unjustifiable cancel culture. Her high quality documentaries are well worth watching. Here I discuss what transpired as I was trying to follow her work.

Lauren Southern

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I've been an ardent fan of Lauren Southern, ever since I saw an image of her boldly holding up a sign in counter protest at a slut walk She was no-platformed here in New Zealand some years ago and even denied entry to the UK based on what I consider underhand misrepresenation and character defamation.

Lauren Southern

Lauren has been rather quiet lately and I gather that's because she has been working flat-out on high quality documentaries about things that the MSM haven't got the balls to tackle. I suspect she also seeks to distance herself from the dirty smear campaigns that brand her as "alt-right white supremacist". Here is my discussion of the kind of thing they actually wanted to come talk about sensibly here in New Zealand.

Coincidentally just the other day, our government released a 600+ page royal inquiry into the Christchurch Mosque Massacre. Our underhand and utterly corrupt media abused it to feature Lauren Southern as were she somehow involved with the gun man, Brenton Tarrant. I consider it irresponsible reporting that may put her life at risk from deranged nutters seeking retribution. You can watch Terry Opines' presentation to get the gist of it.

Thus I was intrigued when Lauren announced a children's book she has written: I gather it is parable of how to deal with precisely such smear campaigns. Sooo... now I've decided to do a review of Lauren's "Henry the Sheepdog & the Wolf of Mossville" children's book (especially because I have sheep-dog myself). Certainly I could buy a copy on Amazon, or even an e-copy from Kindel, but this morning I went down the Library (knowing full well they wouldn't have it) and I persuaded them to consider getting a copy and put myself down on the waiting list.

Alas, things didn't go the way I expected and so I talk about what transpired in my video about cancel culture that I end with a reading from Lauren's "The Wolf of Mossville" book.