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Last updated: 2022-05-16

Vee Monro

Vee hosts a channel on Bitchute that I often find informative and entertaining. His presentation today was about spicy sauce and I learned of the Scoville scale. I decided to start this blog to discus infomative non political content like this.

Tasting World Top Spicy Sauce and Reading The Us Constitution
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I had to DuckGo (I don't use Google) said Scoville scale. I didn't know spiceiness could be quantified like that, but I do know that Tabasco is too hot for me and that's only 750 SHU, while I read the hottest sauce would be Blair's 16 Million Reserve... clocks in at 16,000,000 Scoville Heat Units!


Other searches revealed the most popular spicy sauces, top spiciest peppers and information on the Carolina Reaper. I did manage to grow a load of chilli peppers once and now I wonder if I wouold be able to grow them in my garden. I doubt the slugs would eat those!

I'm also wondering about making a pepper spray naturally just for spicing up my occasional takeaway... but some might accidentally leak out on an assailant shpuld I ever be assaulted again.

Anton Petrov

When I started at university I studies physics and Anton discusses the kind of topics that frascinated me back then although obviously the science has moved into realms that had not yet been imagined back then. This video reminded me of the enthusiasm that researches dedicate just purely because they want to extend the frontier of human knowledge.

While Looking for Dark Matter, Scientists Discover Something Way Cooler

Then I thought how technology today is being deployed to monitor people, to spy on us, to wage war and the creepy WEF plans for the 4th industrial revolution melding man and beast with machine. All that ingenuity, hijacked by the rich and powerful to manipulate and enslave humanity. People with only sinister self serving aspirations, but contributing nothing of value to human kind. A vile degenerate parasitic species that seeks to rule the world with us as the host to leach off.