Privilege & Entitlement

Road Rage

Ever since I started teaching Lucy (my dog) to be traffic-wise, she just loves to cross busy roads. She's sitting watching the cars attentively looking for a gap. She is incredibly patient and thinks it's all just a fun game. When it's not too busy I let her do it without using the lead as she will wait on command and won't move until I say "over". When it's really busy she seems to prefer I clip the lead on, and so it was that yesterday we were waiting half way across on a traffic island with a steady stream of rush hour vehicles yet to be negotiated. Finally a gap of about 3 car lengths could be seen aproaching, but the car stuck in a side street was edging out, and I anticipated them going for the gap, this is one thing Lucy hasn't worked out yet and it might be beyond what can expect from a dog, so I kept her close on the lead.

With impressive timing the driver zipped into the the gap. Now if it had been me in the next car I might have slowed down and backed off a bit out of courtesy, knowing how hard this kind of maneuver can be at rush hour, but instead there were two women in that care car and I could see their faces flush with rage as they actually accelerated and gave a blaring angry blast of the horn only inches from us as we stood patiently on the traffic island. That kind of volatile temper at the slightest annoyance is something I've really only ever seen in women, I thought to myself.

Running Riot

Wife, husband charged with felonious assault after pulling gun on a woman with her children

It ties in with the videos I had been watching that morning. One about "kids" trashing Put Put Golf center. The other is here adjacent where eventually the pregnant woman drew a gun to protect herself while her husband tood impotently by. It's not clear if she did bump "the child" who si once again an adolescent female, but you can definitely hear her say she's sorry several times in the video. Yet they obstruct her car from leaving accuse her of "racism" and you can hear a thud as they try to smash the rear windscreen. I think the accusers were clearly looking for a confrontation, yet it is the ones who just wanted to leave peacefully being taken to court.

destabilizing the fabric of society

I think the problem is that society is letting some people run riot without consequences and some times even encouraging it. Describing rampaging adolecents as "children" is misdirection. Surely, neither one's gender nor one's skin color should be a license for outrageous behavior. Infowars calls them spoiled bratts.

Spoiled brats: the leftist protester's mindset

All this seems to be aimed at destabilizing our civilization, and quite probably as a pretext for imposing totalitarian control with restrictions on individual freedom. Thus I will be revisiting some of the issues I've blogged about in the past, but this time, here on my own website cancel culture won't be finding it quite so easy to flag me, censor me or have my account terminated.