Art Supplies

Last updated: 2020-07-09

My website engine is coming together nicely now. Few will understand what it takes to create a complete new system like this from scratch. It's not a question of laying a page out artistically. No, I'm actually coding my "Wordpress" equivalent using my very own original ideas, rather than any one elses established practices.

I was recently told that what I do is not "art", but I would counter: Exactly what is art then? You see, I think my computer programming is an art form, just with a whole extra level of abstraction: It's not about how I smear some guache on a canvas for an esthetic effect... no, it's me telling a stupid automaton (web browser) how to do it when the subject that needs to be rendered has not even been created yet.

Now that is the art I practice, and the way I code things IMHO is quite unique and highly original. One would have to be an experienced programmer to judge that and I don't mean ticking the boxes of established programming practices, which I don't... it's original.

My first point today is that with it mostly working, I feel I can now start devoting more time to creating content. That will hopefully lead on to further facilities for this website engine of mine, but a wysiwyg gui is not going to be one of them. OTOH what you may be wondering is why I am bitching about "art" today, and so the story begins...

The Essence of Art

Revealing Texture in Paper

Rather than copy someone else, I like to create my own original work and often, in the process I learn far more than had I just been following somone's instructions without questioning what was going on, or why. Thus I had decided to make my own web-page tileable background images. This section is in fact using my very first attempt.

To me it wasn't a question of drawing a cute pattern or taking a photo... these image tiles have to repeat seamlessly to give the impression that one would be reading from a fine quality paper. However I did think the best place to start would be by taking a photo of some actual fine quality paper.

So, that weekend, full of enthusiasm I Googled local suppliers of fine art materials and come Monday, brimming with anticipation, I made my way to the nearest one on the map that looked promising.

Snooty Art

Fine Art Papers

Alas, my illusions were dashed. I rang the bell and the proprietor did invite me in, but right from the start he seemed very cagey. He seemed to think I had phoned him earlier (which I definitely hadn't) and he wanted to know exactly what I needed the art paper for, so I explained.

He said they didn't have anything like that at all. He said his supplies were for artists, or art students and that they would normally stick to the same product and reorder in bulk. He also poo-pooed the idea of photographing it, saying I would see nothing but white. He bragged his exalted self had done it all before, and he patronizingly suggested I learn how to draw my own textures.

I explain the techniques that I was wanting to explore in my article about textured background, but there was no evidence this guy had the foggiest idea what I was talking about. I suspected I would be wasting my time trying to explain any further, so I just asked if he really didn't have anything at all that he could show me. He came back with a stack of hand made paper, but told me it was all reserved for his partner. They couldn't possibly spare a single sheet, regardless the price!

He pontificated on how "real artists" know how to treat fine art materials and how amateurs fail to wet both sides of the paper thus causing it to curl up. I thought WTF?! I'm "painting" it with light... not water, but I just said that wasn't the kind of art I did. I also suggest that photography was sometimes considered an art form, but he just scoffed at me.

Then he showed my a whole cabinet of sample draws with dozens and dozens of paper samples. Any number of those small samples would have been just perfect for my needs. He pontificated how they send them out "all over the country", but he wasn't going to sell me a single one... not at any price.

What kind of arsehole is this?, I thought.

Snotty Ego

Following on he said he was going to go watch a film on television, so I amicably said "enjoy your film" as I left empty handed. This guy was so full of himself as the "artist" with "experience" on how to smear acrylics on expensive paper, yet does he actually make said paper? No, he just imports it and adds a profit margin before shifting it on in bulk. In my mind that doesn't make him an "artist" at all. There was certainly no evidence of any actual art on his walls there. Deep down I felt humiliated, and very depressed. Unjustly marginalized by a conceited know-it-all and for no benefit to anyone other than his snotty ego.

Maybe it was true that someone was rude to him on the phone, but it certainly wasn't me. I think it's equally likely he just doesn't want to sell to a transgender person. I could concede not to coerce a religious baker to bake a wedding cake for gay marriage that conflicts with their beliefs, but this gutless bigot didn't even have the balls to tell me of his objections to my face.

Self Defense thru Consequences

Sadly this sort of thing happens to me quite a lot, so I'm going to start using my right of free speech. I shall be writing about it on these pages and I shall be using feedback services as they are intended, not just for sycophantic praise, but behold I used Google and Yellow pages to evaluate the service I received from his business:

I am not ashamed of who I am. I don't feel I have anything to hide, but I shall be holding the mirror up to society, as there need to be consequence or the abuse will never end. So, take a good look Kay & Randal, this is the real you!

Furthermore, I think your website is an abomination, and that it illustrates how as actual "artists" you suck!