Exposing the creeping NWO

Last updated: 2021-02-17

Booted off Facebook (again)

Last night people up the road were having a raucous Party and come 2 am I was still unable to sleep, so I took my Lucy out for a walk in the dark. When I got back I watched the first video by Shelly Richardson, in her new private Facebook group "I love my Freedom". Shelly never did go into details why she resigned as Wamakariri candidate for Advance NZ, but her introduction to Common Law vs Maritime Law that prevails here in NZ was enlightening and I was looking forward to learning more.

I did notice Mark Thompson posting there. He's got a Facebook channel promoting the allegation that Advance NZ is not a qualifying legal entity to run in the election. IMHO this is exactly the kind of legal shenanigans our "authorities" have been using to rob us of our freedom, so I went to his video on his page... and exercised my right to express my opinion:


This morning my Facebook account had been cancelled. No reason given, and look at the underhand way that Facebook deprive me of any means to appeal: There is simply nothing for me to interact with in that "security check". The only possible reason I can think of is the above post to Mark, but I don't see that deserves an out right ban when the cunt can just block me and I doubt he would have been up at that hour flagging replies to his backstabbing assaults against democracy. Once again I can't follow any wisdom Shelly, or anyone else might have to share.


People choose to use Facebook, despite the availability of alternatives, so I think their whining about censorship is pathetic. The evident abuse of the flag system to exclude me is despicable and cowardly as I don't know who is doing it, but I will blog some more about the hypocrisy of freedom movement in New Zealand in my Dystopia topic.

Youtube Shadow Bans

I finally shut down my main Youtube account, just leaving an old one I had created to get round the censorship already years ago. I'm so sick of their underhand deception.


Youtube is heavily into shadow banning... We are the only ones who can see some of our own posts, there, but why? Why pretend it hasn't been censored? What are they hiding and from whom? I'm posting my thoughts on the creeping totalitarian NWO in my Dystopia topic, but here I'm going to talk about the underhand social and mainstream media.

Speak now or be silenced for ever!

Here are two "business cards" I had printed by Vistaprint, but given all the devious shenanigans I won't be distributing them anymore: At best they end up in the bin and at worst I get harrassed and targeted IRL.

Redirect Switch

I've implemented both these QR codes as a redirect switch, thus I can make it point to any document on the web that I choose at any time and that should protect me from site being blocked or taken down. It's high time we fight back against sinister big tech censorship and tell all the arseholes who keep them in business to wake the fuck up. I said "we" there, but there is no "we" our freedom movement is all divided and everyone is stabbing each other in the back: Welcome to the brave New World dystopia.

Head in the Sand

The ostrich is reputed to stick it's head in the sand when danger threatens. Allegedly this would make the bird brain feel safe when it can't see any threat. Today I think the general population who still can't see the threat of totalitarian global domination by a hypocritical billionnaire elite are being willfully ignorant. Here is Dave Cullen giving a better explanation of what's going on with the United Nations, the World Economic Forum (Davos men) and the likes of Gates and Rockefeller foundations... probably the world banking cartel wrapped up in there with them somewhere too.

It's not just Ireland. It's going on all over the world. You have to be a special kind of naive to still dismiss this as "conspiracy theory". It's public, right in front of our noses because these globalist creeps don't think we can do anything to stop them anymore.