Degoogling my life

Ex Google Flagship phone

Originally I chose this phone as I was hoping to learn Android app development. The Android developer tools need an Intel processor for the emulator to work and my computer was AMD, so I needed something modern to test with. The Google Pixel I bought packed up within it's warranty period with a manufacturing defect common to that model. Ultimately I never did make a lot of progress on app development as the whole system is an ill conceived technical nightmare, mired by chronic updating.

Rage Quit?

No, this time it's not what you think... I was out walking Lucy (the dog) and her ball ended up in the sea. She refused to go in and fetch it. Those "indestructable" dog balls are worth $15 each so in I went! On the receeding tide, I ended up having to swim for it (the water was 10°C this time of year, but luckily I was fully clothed). Alas, I had forgotten that my (extremely expensive) Google Pixel phone was in my pocket...

Freezing cold and soaked through I got back to the car not even realizing what I had just done pulled the phone out to help me navigate rush hour traffic back. The phone didn't even look wet as it was in plastic bag (*). "Google Pixel is Starting", but WTF it's taking even longer than usual. Then it starts again and again... "Damn.. it must have got wet after all. I better switch it off!" but no, there was no way to do that On off switches are a thing of the past. Ther was no way to open it, to dry it inside or get the battery out and by the time I got home it was cooking hot and as dead as a dodo.

avoid tracking

If you can get a metalized plastic bag to put your phone in then it will not only protect the phone from accidental liquids, but also prevent it being tracked. It will avoid slurping up all your data on dumb updates as well as prevent intrusive notfications from irksome social media.

I decided to open it. With this model phone however it is not something a DIY person should undertake without specialist tools. For a start you need to melt the glue that holds the screen on then there are screws with star shaped recess. I decided to wreck it with a pocket knife and a tin opener but was unable to get any leverage. Even replacing the battery on one of these would be a specialist job. My next phone I'm going to make sure I can just pop off the cover if and when I wish.

On my subsequent visit to Noel Leeming, the salesman dismissed my request for a phone I could open. He claimed nobody makes those anymore, and why would anyone want one? He sneered.