history missing

I had written a page about her, right at the start of this website project, because she's an important part of my life, but I seem to have misplaced that. I shall just carry on, and maybe I'll find the original and restore what I wrote there.

Agressive Dog Warden

Yesterday I went walking in the forest at bottle lake. Lucy loves it there and runs off sniffing all the forest smells and gets really excited as we approach our destination, the beach, by the time we've walked back it's a good three hours and we are both tired and looking forward to a snack and a quite time at home, but Lucy got it into her head to roll in something disgusting, by the smell of it very mature pooh! So I had told her off and she knew she had done wrong.

Like she sometimes does, Lucy ran ahead to see another dog and I do approve of her socializing with other dogs. Canines need social contact just like we humans do.

Then I noticed the other dog was on a lead and it's owner was wearing some kind of uniform. His body language suggested he didn't want Lucy around so I shouted "off" at her and she backed obeyed and backed off by a good 10 meters, but trotted merily on ahead and I didn't think there was any problem with that.

Well we got back to the car park and I calle Lucy so I could hose all the filth off her, but of course she isn't stupid and scuttled off. I tried to get hold of her in vain.. she wasn't going to cooperate with being washed.

Then I noticed that the man in the uniform and hois dog had got in a "animal control" van and he had moved it to block the exit drom the car park. He was glaring at us, so I went to my car, opened the door and signalled to Lucy to get. Which she did immediately. I wasn't too keen on having her in the car in that state and was going to put her lead on her and drag to the hose, but the dog warden now swung his van round to block me from getting out of my space even if I did get in my car. He was shouting at me that I should keep my dog under control. I said she was doing fine and just didn't want to be washed.

Then he started telling me how Lucy had come up behind them and "frightened his dog"... WTF I thought... his dog is twice the size of Lucy and all she wanted was to play, but I just said: "I shouted off to her and she backed off immediately."

The dog warden threatened that if his dog had attacked Lucy I would be to blame, because it would be Lucy not under control rather than his dog that was on a lead and he complained about her lingering behind them... again WTF I thought, do I have to go back or put distance between us... we are both heading for the same car park, but I just said I was sorry and didn't realize there would be any problem with that.

Well the dog warden drove off and a group of cyclists stoo dstaring at me as were I some kind of criminal. The new age is dawning an age of uppity authorities ruling it over us and putting uis down without reason. I do not support this NWO.