Lucy's Puppies

However cute the puppies may be, my number one is their mother, Lucy. I don't want her to feel neglected or jealous. Thus I make ample time to play just with her and I take her for exciting walks nearby as we don't want to be gone for too long. The background image of her gives an idea of what the puppies will look like when they mature.

Last updated: 2022-01-12

Loving family homes

Here, I shall be blogging about the puppies so that anyone who might be interested in providing a loving home can learn more about them, while they think it over. If you are interested you are welcome to come meet them. I really just want these little creatures to have happy lives, so I will make sure they all have the first innoculations. Also, although I can make no guarantees, I am hoping to toilet train them in the next couple of weeks.

A dog needs activities, love, food and shelter and it will become your loyal friend and a companion for life. I do want to make sure that people are serious about owning a dog in the first place, so I've decided I will charge $450 for each of these puppies and I assure you there is no financial profit in that for me.

The $450 includes the first innoculation that I plan to have done when they are about 8 weeks old and after that their new owners can take them home. Payment by electronic bank transfer to:

   ANZ account: 01-0833-0970087-00
   Account holder: MS F A PERDUTA
   please use the puppy name as reference

2022-01-12 Play fight with mommy

The last few days Lucy has been play-fighting with her puppies. I think it started when she told Max off for being a bully to Pebble and he's been a much less agressive puppy ever since, but still likes to play fight. Here they are at it again.

2022-01-10 Ninja Adopted

Ninja has found a loving new home with 3 children and 3 cats to grow up together with. He can move in with them as soon as he's had his first innoculation. Just a few weeks to go! I feel confident it will be just perfect.

2022-01-11 Cuteness overload!

I was tidying up the puppy poohs in the grass when little shadow went trotting past, proud as punch, her tail straight up and her head high holding an old trainer of mine in her mouth. It's about as big as she is and I was impressed. I haven't actually seen any carry something yet.

She took it into their garden tent and was happily chewing on it. (Yes, aspiring puppy owners, make sure you keep all your old shoes... your new shoes will thank you for it!)

Shoe trophy

Later with the camera in hand I tried to restage the event, but one of her siblings wanted to play too and the moment just wasn't the same, but here is a picture anyway.

2022-01-09 Camping in the Garden

Puppy Campsite

Remember camping in the garden as a kid? It's a new adventure for the puppies. A discarded pallet upside down, raised a bit at an angle and they have a climbing frame. An old bed sheet provides shade, yet lets the air circulate. The puppies are enjoying the garden and Pebble insisted on staying out all night there. She was all on her own, but since Lucy got me to evict the ferocious hedgehog I thought it would be safe enough, and so let her.

Pebble takes towl to bed

Towl Comfort

Pushing herself to the limit, little Pebble manouevers a clean towl from the washing basket and drags it to her bed. It's just like Lucy does with my wooly jumpers when I leave her alone at home. Then she snuggles up on it and goes fast asleep.

Not my fault says Shadow

It wasn't me, it was the food!!

I changed to a "better" food brand, yet Shadow's expression says it all: "This brand has given me the runs!" and several of her siblings agree.

2022-01-06 4 weeks old today

Their eyes have been open for about a week, and they started walking rather than crawling. It was ever so cute to see Lucy join in playing mouthing games with them, but by the time I got the camera, the moment was gone, so here just a video of them all.

All the puppies seem healthy. They now have sharp little teeth coming thru and feeding them can be painful for Lucy, so I'm weaning them onto regular puppy food with just occasional mother's milk as a treat afterwards. Which is more relaxing on their mum, than the usual mad famished scrum.

2022-01-05 photos

puppy feeding time

Tama communicates: "It's puppy feeding time!" This little one seems totally aware, alert, inquisitive and intelligent. You need sheep herding? I'm ready, let's get started!

Stay with Me

Aroha trundles towards me the moment he sees me. Here he grabs onto my jeans so I won't walk away again. I give him a loving cuddle and whisper sweet nothings in his ear. He curls up and goes to sleep in my arms.

Stealthy Ninja
Play Fight

They playfight with each other and sometimes there will be a yelp as they let the other know they went too far. This is how they learn to socialize. Lucy recognizes when they are actually being vicious and she puts her nose between them and separates them.

2021-12-09 Lucy has 8 healthy puppies

sardine pap

Lucy has been a good mother although she was not well after giving birth and had a fever 41.9 °C. The vet did an inspection and a blood test. She had NO deficiencies but a high count of white blood cells. She had the runs and it just wouldn't clear up. She could not handle feeding all 8 at once. Could it be mastitis, I wondered. The puppies wouldn't take formula milk, but I found that by cooling her breasts with a cold wet flanel and keeping her company, she could do up to 4 at a time. One night I fell a sleep there on the floor and the next morning I woke to Tama licking my eye. His had opened for the first time that morning and he decided to go explore what this strange creature next to his mom was. Ever so cute and affectionate!

When things got deperate I managed to make a pap of puppy food or steamed sardines to keep the little famished ones from crying. They would lick that off my finger and later a plate. The next night I made a huge pot of bone soup. I shall make a video about the recipee soon, but they absolutely lapped it up. I wasn't sure how to explain not to stand in the soup while they eat, but it didn't matter because they soon licked themselves, the bowl and each other clean, from every angler

bone soup

All the puppies have become socialized with me and will enjoy a human stroking them cuddling them, picking them up and even just talking to them. Relating to humans is an important step in a puppies life. I have given them all "puppy names" that represent their early character and they are listed below.

257g, male, Fuego

The "runt of the litter" but my goodness... he has a firey nature and pushes his way in to get his fair share. Hence the name "Fuego" which is Spanish for Fire. Also I think the white pattern on his nose looks like a flame.

282g, male, Ninja

Ninja is a stealth fighter. In the scrum for a feed, he sneaks in underneath his siblings for one of the teats on the lower side. He has white marks, left and right thighs and I thought they look a bit like Samurai swords.

285g, female, Pebble

She's clumsy and keeps tumbling over, although that's got a lot better since. I thought she's like a little "rolling stone" and the black circle on her forhead looks like a pebble to me.

285g, male, Aroha

Beautiful black with symetrical white patch over his shoulders. He would squeal with delight when he saw Lucy and while he was feeding. Aroha means ‘love, compassion and empathy’, but I didn't realize it's supposed to be a girls name when I gave it to him.

331g, female, Shadow

Dark and silent with just a tiny bit of white. She's very affectionate, but unobtrusive and I have to remind myself to include her, or she would just be like a shadow on the wall.

369g, male, Tama

Tama means "son" in te Reo. He is just so laid back! Nothing disturbs him and he leaves the others, to come cuddle up to me when he's had his fill. He has readily taken to eating mashed up puppy food even though his teeth have not come through yet.

407g, female, Zoe

Zoe has a cute white fleck on her right thigh. It means "life" in ancient Greek and she has potential to be a wonderful mom herself one day, as she is very tolerant of all her siblings even though she is bigger and stronger.

417g, male, Max

So named because he was the bigest at birth. The first to open his eyes and the first thing he then did, was come explore that strange creature who had fallen asleep calming his mom on the floor that night... I woke up to him licking my closed eyes.

2021-10-07 Nolonger a Virgin

Lucy and Brew

The father of her puppies is also a farm dog, but far more placid. He's a cross between a huntaway and a heading dog that was not up to herding sheep and more like a family dog than a working dog. I had hoped to cross Lucy with the other dog the owner has, which is pure heading dog, but she had him neutered a week before. Apparently they can still sure pups for another two weeks, but we were concerned about the stiches.

Pure heading dog can be a bit too high strung for life in the city and certainly Lucy keeps me very active, so it's probably for the best. This one is slightly bigger than Lucy, here they are together when the puppies were conceived.

Just a puppy herself

Lucy and I have had many adventures and her favourite activity was learning how to negotiate busy city traffic. I have no reservations about walking her off the lead and trust her completely. I have some videos of just me and Lucy enjoying each other's company out and about and I might add them here too.

wants to play

Lucy loves children and she would run up to them wagging her tail. I had to teach her not to do that as some are afraid of dogs, but with Lucy there is absolutely no reason to worry. The father dog was also excellent with children and I think these puppies will be great fun for a family.