Cellphones in the Park

Last updated: 2021-11-20


I don't want to have to write things like this as I have plenty of genuine battles yet to fight. Alas in the case of Carl Bromley's failed FONNZA initiative, I think it appropriate to clarify aspects that concern me personally as a counter to relentless distortions and defamation.

2021-11-17 distracted by metaphor

About a month ago, Carl's car was stolen from his driveway. He recently made a video about the conclusion, but focuses mostly on symbolism and metaphor while failing to address the elephant in the room: This was not a crime for joy-riding nor could it have been for profit.


What Carl didn't mention was that he received multiple implied threats: Messages saying they knew where he lived from trolls claiming to speak on behalf of the Maori Party. The suggestion being that they were going to target him IRL. He knows full well the cowardly way that the Maori Party incited thousands of supporters to vindictively trash his friend, Lee William's life for being critical of one of their politicians.

By coincidence, the one he features in the above upload was the one who instigated the underhand petition to have Lee sacked. The trolls claiming to speak for the Maori Party probably do, but they are fooling their own people into vigilante action to eliminate anyone who opposes their racist trougher leadership.

Meanwhile police have become totally ineffective at fighting crime and in Carl's video you can hear how their 105 help line is empowering Jacinda's emerging snitch society for covid mandate enforcement. I believe one can't appease or comply one's way out of totalitarianism so I am going to address that elsewhere. IMO it's time to stop sucking up to the police state or running scared of racist Maori supremacists.

Open Forum

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On Bitchute (a popular free speech video platform), moderation of discussions is primarily the responsibility of the channel owner. Adjacent is a gloating troll post from Carl Bromley's FONNZA channel directed at me as he brags about their targeted harassment. A few points of note:

note 1

Amanda malevolently caused me a lot of damage in the past and I shall be documenting that separately.

note 2

Previously the bully had remarked about me not being present at Carl's meeting. To me it suggested that they had been looking specifically for my car.

Mostly these trolls attack views that are contrary to their bigoted leftist dogma, but that hadn't stop them from spamming my perfectly innocuous videos with off-topic adhominem slander. I kept deleting their crap as best I could, but relentlessly they would be back with more. It's too tedious to have to search all your videos and purge the spam every day, over and over. Bitchute needs to provide a facility to block disruptive sabotage, or it's simply not worth having a discussion facility.

The very same trolls were active on other channels. Terry Opines, for instance also got fed up and switched off the comments, but Carl Bromley just left his wide open and made no attempt to moderate. They started using that as their platform to taunt and slander for all who follow Carl's FONNZA to see. There I had simply replied "That which is asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence". Among others they threatened to drop leaflets in my area to incite hatred with allegations of racism and sexual perversion. Neighbourhood hostilities is something I've been through before and I am fearful of it starting all over again, because back then police did nothing, but come round to give me abuse and threats of their own.

I tried to contact Carl to ask if he could please deal with it. Afterall, it was HIS forum and he alone has the ability to moderate that. I got no reply. I was unable to reach him so I sent him an angry e-mail. Then Carl did respond. First he said he would look into it, then immediately followed with outrage at how anyone could be so 'rude'. He didn't consider the danger his negligence put me in.

Public Escalation

Lee Williams is an old-time friend of Carl's. He has a Telegram channel where I sometimes used to reply to the thoughtful videos and posts that he creates. Unexpectedly I notice a comment from Mel (Carl's wife) not in reply to anything I had posted, yet accusing me (Melahi is my te Reo name) of spreading lies about Carl. As far as I was concerned I had remained positive about his FONNZA initiative, but had simply stopped following him as I really didn't want to see the putrid hostilities from the haters he was hosting there.

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Mel had also demanded I show how rude my (private) e-mail had been, so I replied as requested.

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Certainly it was rude, but now we learn that their attitude would be that Carl shouldn't have to 'police' his own discussion forums. Does this not make it a liability to anyone who uses their real identity to post intelligently there? The whole thing just turns toxic.

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Subsequently on Lee's Telegram discussion channel, Carl launches into a sanctimonious diatribe against me in the third person, once again not responding to anything I would have said there. So what were these 'lies' I was being accused of spreading... well apparently it's like this:

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Carl had been in an altercation with a bully who alleged Carl had thrown food at a KFC employee. I responded to a video that had been posted of that with a link to the version as seen from the troll's camera, (inexplicably occluded in Carl's screenshot here). Personally I don't care if, or where Carl may have thrown food. I wasn't there and it had nothing to do with me, but it made clear what the assailants motive was. The way he and Mel later escalated my 'being rude' (in a private e-mail), while doing nothing about the cause of my anxiety made me decided to withdraw from the freedom movement.


I had been alerted to troll's channel as he had at the same time posted 3 videos targeting me and has since uploaded another 3. Consequently Carl and Mel now both alleging that I would have been "spreading lies and owing them an apology" is hypocritical. Carl needs to own responsibility for what he allows on his channel and IMHO he is naive to be providing a platform where the trolls can go wild.

Moving On

These very same trolls that attacked Carl's Bitchute forums gravitated to sabotaging mine. Without means to block them, their persistenty off-topic toxic bile spammed up my innocuous discussions and they also abused my perfectly innocuous uploads to manipulate authorities to financially penalize me. They seem to think that knowing somone's real life identity gives them a license for real life harassment. Consider that Carl was dobbed in for holding a church service at his home during lockdown, he got a threatening note in his letter box and his car was stolen. If not actually done by them, mob hostilities ensue from trolls disseminating allegations in the community.

These "trolls" seem to have far too much time on their hands. They are too hateful, too personal, too underhand and persistent to just be dimissed as trolling for "the lulz" or even bigoted leftist radicals. I shall descuss it more elsewhere.

As for the "freedom movement", the original activists here in Christchurch have been marginalized while organized protests are usurped by a religious cult from up North. Up North, the Hikoi of Truth was dismissed as unwelcome at Waitaingi by Maori elites. I feel it's been taken over by controlled opposition. The government actually need there to be a reasonable number of unvaxxinated to justify curtailment of freedoms and introduction of vaxxine passports, but they want to keep our dissenting voices under their control.