Cellphones in the Park

Last updated: 2022-05-16


I don't want to have to write things like this as I have plenty of genuine battles yet to fight. Alas in the case of Carl Bromley's failed FONNZA initiative, I think it appropriate to clarify aspects that concern me personally as a counter to relentless distortions and defamation coming not only from annonymous cyber trolls but equally from Carl and associates.

2022-05-10 Toxic Bromley

Now IDK all the places these nutjobs might be posting defamation, because they are many, while I am few. Here are two examples of hate directed at me on Lee Williams Telegram channel. Both recommend shooting me. They would be consequent to Carl Bromly publicly claiming I threatened him with an axe. (see further down for what actually happened).


Thus I do have cause for concern. Previously both Carl and his wife Mel had ranted about me being rude on Lee's Telegram channel. Their rant was public and in the 3rd person, not in response to anything I had posted, but now after Lee announces he has blocked me, our heroic freedom fighter Bromley addresses me directly, but it can't have been in response to anything I had posted because I was banned and as far as I can tell my posts (if any), were all hidden.

Sanctimonious Carl

Unlike dear olive branch extending Carl, I don't run shrieking to social media slinging unsubstantiated allegations in all directions, but click the icon to see what an independent Twitterati has to say about Carl feeling he needs to protect his family from me. Seriously I'm not interested in them. All I'm asking is for him to desist from hosting and/or posting slander and defammation against me. Also I never said he threatened to shoot me, Carl did say he would act in self defense if I came within two meters of him so I'm not happy with him having a firearm at his disposal. This is the followup I sent directly to the police. Unlike Carl not making a public drama for his audience.

On 2022-05-04 I recieved a trespass notice from officer AWH466 on behalf of Carl Adam Bromley. Among others Carl told the officers (and who knows who else) that I would be a pedophile convicted in the UK. This is false.

I googled the allegation and found the offenses were committed in Leeds (UK) between December 2009 and March of 2017 by a man of similar name, but 10 years younger than me, while I was living in Christchurch (NZ) and it has nothing to do with me at all. https://www.leeds-live.co.uk/news/leeds-news/paedophile-christopher-scaife-spent-seven-18596262

Carl has been hosting similar foul allegations posted by trolls against me for months and months now on his Bitchute channel and probably others. Right from the start Carl dismissed my objections as "not his problem" and refused to moderate, or to block the trolls even though he can do that on Bitchute.

Carls excuse that he didn't know, is also lie. Both he and his wife posted publicly, defaming me for "being rude" in a private e-mail. That was after he had ignored my objections to him hosting the barage of vile allegations back when it first started.

I did initiate court proceedings to have the trolls unmasked under Harmful digital communications act: CIV-2022-009-002771, but this is a slow process and has not yet been concluded meanwhile the hate snowballs, putting me at risk of vigilante activists.

I visited Carl to try talking to him, but his wife slammed the door in my face and then Carl sanctimoniously pretended he was helping me by deleting two troll posts knowing full well they would be back within minutes with new ones that he would ignore.

There and then he fabricated an allegation I would be mentally unstable and alleged I was threatening him with an axe. Later he took to various social media uploading multiple videos making said allegations public to his audiences.

For instance, I found two of them on Youtube:


Thus Carl adds insult to injury as he incites more hatred against me. Consequent to his publications I had threats from false name accounts telling me (among others) that they would shoot me and Carl has stated publicly he would feel justified in taking defensive action against me if I should come within 2 meters of him. I now have reservations about his owning a firearms license.

All this trespass notice seems to mean is that I have to suffer escalating hostilities in silence. It's not reasonable when NOBODY has even yet confronted the actual trolls who started it in the first place. This is no way to be creating "safer community together" and I doubt anyone in my position would consider it acceptable.

IMO Carl needs to be instructed not to host or post inflammatory material against me and to take down his incriminating videos. If he truly thinks he has evidence against me he should take it to court where I will have a right of defense and let the police deal with it instead of inciting vigilante action with slander and malicious gossip.

Given what he has done to me (for no reason at all), one would have to be a fucking idiot to associate with this manipulative cunt, playing politics for sympathy... and no, I'm not going to apologize for my language. This is my site where I can use language that does my sentiments justice. Carl likes to direct posts publicly at me behind my back? Well dear Carl, I can do that too: A two faced let-down for integrity you turned out to be!

Carl plays victim

Carl has been letting cyber trolls abuse his social media pages to slander me for months and months now, so I went round to talk to him in person. Subsequently he went straight to Facebook and Youtube, as well as the police, playing the victim and alleging I would have threatened him with an axe. Later he added claims of online death threats, but did not say where and produced no evidence. You can find his material yourself if you want, but in response to his lies I am going to discuss the candid camera footage of what actually happened.


For some years trolls have bragged about their Facebook page where they collude to target and defame me. You can click the Facebook Scum icon to open a side window where they have a copy of my video recording of the alleged axe incident that you can watch while reading my discussion of it here.

Notice straight off that the page "author" has defaced my video with a photoshopped image of me that is the same one trolls have been using as their avatar on Carl's discussion forums, but I shall discuss the denizens of that Facebook page elsewhere in due course.

Driving back from walking my dog Lucy on the beach, I stop at Carl's house and ring the bell. His wife opens the door. She says she knows nothing about his web pages. She tells me I'm tresspassing and slams the door in my face, saying she will phone the police. I have no problem with her doing that and tell her that if the offending material is still up at the end of the day I will want to talk to Carl.
As I'm starting to leave, Carl comes out with a big grin on his face... one that quite frankly, I've come to associate with a condescending sneer. So I tell him what the problem is and that it's not funny. Carl denies any knowledge, and invites me in to show him.
Barely through the door and Carl is already accusing me of abusing him and pontificating how "friendly" he is. In my opinion any abuse I might have given him would have been in response to the treatment I was recieving. This self righteous, sanctimonious one-sided blaming is not constructive.
Carl conjures up an excuse of people "hacking things", but I just proceed to show him the evidence on his page.
Now he pretends that not knowing it would be my birth name there, somehow excuses allowing such posts slandering an innocent 3rd party to remain up. The reality is that I have been asking him nicely and subsequent to flippant dismissal, also less nicely to get rid of the deluge of hateful personal abuse from his forums where only he and the abusers have means to do so. It's gone on for so long now that I'm beginning to suspect he is allowing it deliberatley. Thus he gets to play the victim while sombody that nobody cares about anyway and most of his flock will despise takes all the flak.
Condescendingly Carl dismisses me by saying it's "my belief" as if I'm making things up, however based on evidence from months ago, a judge has already ruled that the threshold for harm has been established. Sadly it's taking me a very long time trying to deal with anonymous trolls through the courts.
Now Carl diverts onto the fact he could not block trolls on Rumble (a free speech video host) and so he closed his channel there down. However he had calously left it all there until they started impersonating his son and I really don't see how it would excuse him from using the facility to block trolls on Bitchute.
Carl suggests I stop going on his stuff as if slander and defamation that I myself don't read, can't incite haters with malevolent intent to turn up on my doorstep without warning. Carl repeats that he won't close his forum down. He recommends I go to the police and taunts me to "deal with it like an adult". I inform him that I do have court case against the trolls in progress, but he flippantly dismisses me with "what else can I do for you". I think he knows full well they will be back posting new ones within minutes.
Frustrated by how useless this is, I'm on my way out. Carl is once again sanctimoniously pontificating how kind he is and how abusive I would be. The reality is that for months now he's done fuck all to stop his facilities being abused as a platform from which I am publicly vilified to all his followers. He just blames and shames me the victim. It's hardly surprising I'm fuming as he just shrugs, saying it's not his problem. Carl then claims "he has all my stuff". I presume he means the alleged "abuse" that I would have posted on his forum, but if so, then surely that is also an admission that he is fully aware of what's going on. his pretense of not knowing was a charade. He's just pig headedly playing the victim
Carl says he would love an excuse to clobber me and calls me a nutcase. He carries on sneering at me for being a "man who wears a dress", but I shout over him that nobody would suffer all that shit in silence without protesting.
Now he's peering in my car and notices my axe. It's in a locked car, not on his property at all. I tell him it's for chopping wood. He doesn't notice my dog there, nor the bits of chopped drift wood that I had collected. He's too busy concocting delusions of a weapon and continues taunting about not being adult.
Given my previous experience of hostilities outside my home consequent to malicious rumors, I think I have reason for concern. I'm convinced it's imperative that those who would do me harm are aware that I can and that I will defend myself. So in the heat of the moment I do tell him I would use it for self defense, and yes, I would but he had already comitted to his "weapon with intent fantasy" by then anyway.

This pastor's self righteous attitude, his subsequent premeditated malevolent abuse of social media, his playing up to a hate filled audience (some of whom I already saw advocate he should "shoot me in the face") suggests he isn't going to cooperate and won't hesitate to twist what is said so that he can play the victim card to gain sympathy from his followers.

Combine that with the haters that the trolls have been stirring up, as well as the reality that the law is going nowhere at a snails pace, I really don't feel safe at all.

I'm the kind of person always looking for merit in everyone's ideas. I just ignore the bits I don't agree with. Sadly in today's polarized political climate that puts me in the wrong with both camps. Thus my mistake was that I ever spoke in support of Carl's FONNZA innitiative in the first place.

Before moving on from this tosser, I just want to conclude with two screen shots of his subsequent sycophantic sucking up on the troll Facebook hate page itself.

His so called friendship was never more than a facade for his deep-seated contempt. The alleged "death threat" could have been posted by anyone, including himself. In any case he had full control of what appears on his own channel but chose to do fuck-all about it, so cry me a river you pathetic substitute for a human being! One thing is for sure: I won't be sitting down discussing things with this wanker "over a cup of coffee" because he's not listening at all.

Carl & Lee abuse social media

Cry-baby Carl
CCC graffiti

Carl ran blubbering to social media because an unidentified troll had spray-painted an "insult" on the pavement. IMO Carl needs to follow the appropriate procedure for graffiti, like I've had to do over the years. IOW - contact City Council. Instead he makes unsubstantiated public accusations.

OTOH when I complain directly to him, personally and in private, about him allowing the trolls to use HIS social media to slander and defame me, Carl just scoffs that I should be an adult about it and refuses to block them - hypocrisy much today Carl?!

I am following procedure and I have asked for unmasking orders against the trolls defaming me on Carl's channels where I can do nothing about it. The necessay threshold for harm has already been established by the court and progress is being made. Yes, it's slow and painful and I think Carl should experience it himself so that he too knows what he is putting me through, but instead cowardly Carl and Lee are publicly abusing me as their punch bag.

Lee Williams Facebook

Carl plays the innocent claiming not to know, while their 10's of thousands of beligerent zealot followers make vile threats and definitely put me at risk for the sake of their political agenda!

The truth is that they do NOT have evidence of who posted said alleged death threats. The truth is that they could just block the trolls and be done with it. IMO the fact they have done nothing to help themselves justifies the police "doing nothing" too. Since it has been under their own control all along it means they are unlikely to pass the threshold of harm in court.

Interesting fact that ultimately the alleged threats (regardless who made them) did achieve a positive outcome: Carl has now shut down his useless Bitchute forums despite having supercilliosly sneered when I suggested it. I wonder if his crowd funded lawyer talked some sense into him. If Carl does open his forums up, and his trolls resume flaming and defaming me there, I will be round to his home to complain in person again regardless what threats he makes.

Police raid pastor's home

Leftist agitators make allegations against two "conservative" gun owners. The police raid their homes and confiscate licensed firearms. I definitely agree with Carl that authorities need to question motives and verify the accuracy behind allegations, before acting on them, but Bromley blames the police and I feel he's playing the martyr, instead of questioning what he could have done himself, to avoid this escallation. For instance, he has left his Rumble discussion forums and his abandoned Bitchute wide open as unmoderated platforms for the hate mongers and I think he's unrealistic about his chances in court, or even finding a bonafide lawyer. IMHO the system is rigged and they will walk all over him.

2021-12-17 Update

Terry Opines that I had mentioned further down has since done exactly like Carl and opened his Butchute forums up to a relentless "dogpiling" of impersonation and slander against me. On advice from Netsafe I am applying for a court order under the harmful communications act. I will update the main page of this chapter to document developments and also going public with the evidence.

2021-11-17 distracted by metaphor

About a month ago, Carl's car was stolen from his driveway. He recently made a video about the conclusion, but focuses mostly on symbolism and metaphor while failing to address the elephant in the room: This was not a crime for joy-riding nor could it have been for profit.


What Carl didn't mention was that he was receiving multiple implied threats: Messages from cyber trolls, saying they knew where he lived. Messages accusing him of "white supremacy" and some claiming they were speaking for the Maori Party. They also started attacking me because I had posted positively on Carl's FONNZA innitiative. The implication was that they were planning to target his home and property (and mine too).

Click image to enlarge

The troll who assaulted Carl in the park was bragging that he had been the one to incite the underhand petition that got Lee Williams sacked. That was a petition of sheer malice that was promoted on Facebook and attracted over 7000 signatures. Inappropriately it is still running, even though they have achieved their aim months ago, by blackmailing Lee's employer.

By coincidence, the person Carl features in the above upload on his Youtube channel is the same politician who created said petition. In my opinion both the troll and her are thereby guilty of inciting vigilante action to bully anyone who might disagree with their racist political agenda: This is the very definition of terrorism.

Meanwhile police have become ineffective at fighting crime and in Carl's video you can hear how their 105 help line does little more than empower Jacinda's emerging snitch society for enforcing covid mandates of dubious merrit . I believe one can't appease, or comply one's way out of totalitarianism and so we are left passive non compliance and the police will be wasting their time.

Love thine Enemy and pray for him

Carl disses an ally

During the election I supported and voted for Billy TK's political initiative as their candidate in our area was the only one voicing policies that represented what I want for our future.

Nobody is perfect and I feel we have enough formidable opponents to not start tearing down our allies, so I did not appreciate Terry Opines, Lee Williams, Carl Bromley and others in the "freedom movement" tearing Billy down and stabbing him in the back even after he gave cogent response to the criticism on the Vinny Eastwood show.

Carl says he does't "hate" Billy... but... well it doesn't sound much like "love thine enemy" either, does it now?!

Open Forum

Click to enlarge

On Bitchute (a popular free speech video platform), moderation of discussions is primarily the responsibility of the channel owner. Adjacent is a gloating troll post from Carl Bromley's FONNZA channel directed at me as he brags about their targeted harassment. A few points of note:

note 1

Amanda malevolently caused me a lot of damage in the past and I shall be documenting that separately.

note 2

Previously the bully had remarked about me not being present at Carl's meeting. To me it suggested that they had been looking specifically for my car.

Mostly these trolls attack views that are contrary to their bigoted leftist dogma, but that hadn't stop them from spamming my perfectly innocuous videos with off-topic adhominem slander. I kept deleting their crap as best I could, but relentlessly they would be back with more. It's too tedious to have to search all your videos and purge the spam every day, over and over. IMO, Bitchute needs to provide a facility to block disruptive sabotage, or having a channel there becomes a liability, but that's something for them to sort out.

The very same trolls were active on other channels. Terry Opines, for instance also got fed up and switched off the comments, but Carl Bromley just left his wide open and made no attempt to moderate. They started using that as their platform to taunt and slander for all who follow Carl's FONNZA to see. There I had simply replied "That which is asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence". Among others they threatened to drop leaflets in my area to incite hatred with allegations of racism and sexual perversion. Neighbourhood hostilities is something I've been through before and I am fearful of it starting all over again, because back then police did nothing, but come round to give me more abuse and threats of their own. Their handling of the situation was completely inappropriate and counter productive and I will be addressing that on a separate page about targeted harassment.

I tried to contact Carl to ask if he could please deal with it. Afterall, it was HIS forum and he alone has the ability to moderate that. I got no reply. I was unable to reach him so I sent him an angry e-mail. Then Carl did respond. First he said he would look into it, then immediately followed with outrage at how anyone could be so 'rude'. He didn't consider the danger his negligence put me in.

Public Escalation

Lee Williams is an old-time friend of Carl's. He has a Telegram channel where I sometimes used to reply to the thoughtful videos and posts that he creates. Unexpectedly I notice a comment from Mel (Carl's wife) not in reply to anything I had posted, yet accusing me (Melahi is my te Reo name) of spreading lies about Carl. As far as I was concerned I had remained positive about his FONNZA initiative, but had simply stopped following him as I really didn't want to see the putrid hostilities from the haters he was hosting there.

Click to enlarge

Mel had also demanded I show how rude my (private) e-mail had been, so I replied as requested.

Click to enlarge

Certainly it was rude, but now we learn that their attitude would be that Carl shouldn't have to 'police' his own discussion forums. Does this not make it a liability to anyone who uses their real identity to post intelligently there? The whole thing just turns toxic.

Click to enlarge

Subsequently on Lee's Telegram discussion channel, Carl launches into a sanctimonious diatribe against me in the third person, once again not responding to anything I would have said there. So what were these 'lies' I was being accused of spreading... well apparently it's like this:

Click to enlarge

Carl had been in an altercation with a bully who alleged Carl had thrown food at a KFC employee. I responded to a video that had been posted of that with a link to the version as seen from the troll's camera, (inexplicably occluded in Carl's screenshot here). Personally I don't care if, or where Carl may have thrown food. I wasn't there and it had nothing to do with me, but it made clear what the assailants motive was. The way he and Mel later escalated my 'being rude' (in a private e-mail), while doing nothing about the cause of my anxiety made me decided to withdraw from the freedom movement.


I had been alerted to troll's channel as he had at the same time posted 3 videos targeting me and has since uploaded another 3. Consequently Carl and Mel now both alleging that I would have been "spreading lies and owing them an apology" is hypocritical. Carl needs to own responsibility for what he allows on his channel, not I. He is naive and irresponsible to be providing a platform where the trolls can go wild with off-topic railing at third parties.

Moving On

These very same trolls that attacked Carl's Bitchute forums gravitated to sabotaging mine. Without means to block them, their persistenty off-topic toxic bile spammed up my innocuous discussions and they also abused my perfectly innocuous uploads to manipulate authorities to financially penalize me. They seem to think that knowing somone's real life identity gives them a license for real life harassment. Consider that Carl was dobbed in for holding a church service at his home during lockdown, he got a threatening note in his letter box and his car was stolen. If not actually done by them, mob hostilities ensue from trolls disseminating allegations in the community. Cancel culture in the hands of hate mongering bigots is a threat to society.

These "trolls" seem to have far too much time on their hands. They are deliberately sowing division and acrimony, too hateful, too personal, too underhand and persistent to be dimissed as trolling for "the lulz", or even just bigoted leftist radicals. I shall discuss my suspicions, and their identity elsewhere. I believe this time the authorities need to pull their finger out and take it seriously before physical altercations ensue in which people get hurt, because am not going to silently endure the same kind of shit I experienced a few years ago.