Malevolent Defamation

Last updated: 2021-11-12

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I am in the process of restructuring and adding to this thread. My aim is to comprehensively document the experienced and ongoing reign of terror that is being perpetrated by covert agitators. These are trolls who with malice of forethought, gleefully manipilate authorities and inspire mobs of haters to intimidate, persecute and inflict harm, especially on vulnerable individuals who venture to question their bigoted ideology.

Bearing False Witness

Hong Kong students unable to return home for fear of persecution

Today in New Zealand, many authorities are asking people to come forward and denounce thise they see breaking a law or defying "the rules". Penalties and sanctions can then be administered to penalize them, without questioning the right to protest and defy unjust and uncalled for regulations. Snitches are granted the opportunity to do so anonymously, yet little thought has been devoted to prevent it being abused by people of vindictive nature, hateful prejudice, or with a personal grudge. Refugees from communist China have been warning us of this ugly snitch powered social credit system for decades and now it's coming here!


This document has a look at what is going on in society today and specifically focuses on the many years of harassment, emotional, physical and financial trauma I personally suffered consequent to the malevolent bearing of false witness against me. Recently this has all started again instigated by bigoted trolls, merely because I had agreed (or simply failed to condemn) views that didn't fit a bigoted "progressive" agenda. Click the thumbnail to view a gallery of recent "social" media troll posts making accusations and threats of further defamation, mostly based on lies and deliberate distortions.

Who are these trolls and what motivates them? Well some are just out to trash people's lives "for the lulz". Others do it to push an agend a of their own and to bully intimidate and silence anyone who doesn't agree with their bigoted "progressive" dogma. Some have multiple accounts but you learn to recognize them from the way they write. I manged to identify the following IP addresses. In principle, police could obtain the troll's identity from the service provider as they are both static. - 'Daffy Duck' - Wellington 6148 - static - 'blink-182' Auckland 1150 - static

The troll using the Wellington IP address is known to live in Christchurch, thus I think it likely he is a paid government agitator using his employer's network. Presumably he is tasked with hunting down mythical "white supracy terrorists", but as there aren't any he fabricates an illusion of right wing extremism as he provokes, baits, taunts and frames innocent people who happen to engage open discussion with diversity of opinion. He is the one that made a Bitchute channel with no less than 3 videos bragging how he dobbed me in for not having my dog on a lead during lockdown (click his thumbnail). Note that was a draconian city council bylaw (not a mandate from government covid "experts" at all) and I will get onto their despicable behaviour shortly.


The other one has many times claimed to represent the Maori party and appears to have access to legal documents that are not public. He too is intent on creating an illusion of racism and instigate mob rule like the kind that got Lee Williams sacked, denied banking facilities and even attempting to have his citizenship revoked merely because he dared to mock a politician his racist allegations in parliament. You can google Lee's history and also sign the petion asking for the government to desist in his persecution, or just watch the summary I did of one such session and make your own mind up.


The Maori Paati have shown how they Clower-Piven their own people to favor billionair corporate Iwi when Hone Harawera told the Hikoi of Truth they would not be wecome at Waitangi, despite the formidable grass roots unity and determination the truth convoy had shown to get through and have their voices heard. If trolls like this and the hateful mob rule that has been incited by Moari Paati politicians then truly they are beginning to look like a terrorist organization themselves. Don't take my word for it. Hear what Billy TK has to say to them:

Looking out my window as I type this, I see a car facing the wrong way on the other side of the road, 4 muscular Maori chat with others that are hidden behind tinted car windows with their car door open. They stare directly at me in my room as they smoke their cigarettes. I don't recognize any of them and don't think they live round here. It could be just perfectly innocent, and probably nothing to do with me, but with all those threats of hatred being vomited into cyber space, teh verru real abuse of dog control and the fact I've been through this before, I do feel uneasy. I wondered about taking a picture just in case I need a record, but I don't dare to as they might take offense. Am I in danger? IDK, but what have the police said about it all so far?

I live on my own and it's quite possible I may have to defend myself unexpectedly. At least I can trust my dog to alert me to the slightest intruders... she's bloody good at that be it night or day, but already wheels appear to have been set in motion to take her off me.

Little Hitlers


A dog control van came hurtling past. It swerved dangerously close to the curb and screeched to a halt on the yellow lines that indicate no parking as the curb there protrudes well into the road by the crossing where Lucy was waiting. After years of training she remains completely unphased, trusting me, like I trust her, ready willing and able for her next command.

The irate Karen leaps from her vehicle shouting that dog needs to be on a lead. Actually the law just says a dog must be under effective control and many will testify that Lucy is undeniably that, so I said she doesn't "need" to be on any lead. People who know her breed will know that all a New Zealand heading dog needs is an intellectual challenge something to learn and and so much exercise that only an Olympic athelete could ever hope to give her that with leash attached. I OTOH already had my hands full with a ball thrower that we had been using the park, a bag of her pooh that I had tidied up like I always do and a bag of crushed drinks cans that I collect on my walks hoping to make ends meet selling them for scrap metal. I also had my regular bag with me and there was absolutely no need to have lucy restrained as she safely doing exactly what I had told her: Lying down by the crossing. No need what-so-ever other than the pedantic by-law some pedantic bureaucrats in city council had dreamed up.

The dog warden was shuting at me. She alleged I would be the one she had already reprimanded, but I certainly had no recolection of having seen her ever before. I presumed she must have been the one who had phoned me a few weeks earlier and I had to ring her back as I evidently didn't answer quick enough. Then I wasted most of my phone credit listening to their moronic jingles and a recorded message telling me to keep waiting. Finally she told me she had received a 'complaint' of dog nuisance, she wouldn't say from whom, but I already knew it would be form the troll who doesn't even live in my area: Just abusing the authorities to harass me. It was malice and I had explained that to her. Ther is no way either I or Lucy can comply with compulsory dog leads everywhere for weeks on end due to covid lock-downs. In a strop she asserted was giving me an infringement while I slipped Lucy's chain over her head and walked off. Her stroppy temper trantrum was uncalled for.

City Council civil servant seem to be a law unto tjeor own, unregulated and unaccountabler. I know they wouldn't hestiate to seize my Lucy, hold her to ransom, even terminate her yet unborn puppies on some petty licensing pretext. It's all to assert their truculent dominance over every petty aspect of our lives and I'm going to stand up to their bullying regardless. They are supposed to provide us with a service, not be acting as little Hitlers on a power trip!

Local government come 2050

For decades dismissed as conspiracy theory despite the fact it was all publicly documented on the UN website, people are gradually becoming aware of Agenda 21. It is an ambitious plan for humanity, for all life on Earth, in fact and aims to introduce during this 21st century a totalitarian one world government. Some are aware agenda 2030, a milestone in for non renewable (sustainable) resource management to be achieved by that year. Similarly there is an agenda 2050... and that is what I want to bring to your attention.

The aim is the abolition of nation states. The worls will be a network of cities linked by "belt and road" commercial transport systems. Local authorities will administrate it according to "best international practices" that have been established by international NGO's. Those provide consultancy services that we pay for but have no say in. I don't think it will be the harmonious multi-cultural utopia it is portrayed to be.

Will you, for instance, oh human resource unit, be using a private vehicle on the commercial belt and road transport network to venture into the great outdoors for recreation and family holidays or maybe you will be cycling around your "dense vibrant urban community" on the way to work while your kids are brainwashed in "approved education" all with zero carbon footprint of course! Will the milk man still deliver fresh milk to your door every day, will cows still be grazing in the fields, or will you be eating mealworms, GM crops and factory produced synthetic protein? Will you be free to speak your mind, raise your own children choose how you live your life? Will you have a vote on what policies your administrators adopt?

Do you trust officials to be benign... what if administyratorts decide to harvest your vital organs "for the greater good" of society? Do you understand the 4th industrial revolution that is taking place? Did you know that Melbourne and Christchurch are the only two cities on the Rickefeller Foundation "resilient cities" program? What's that all about?

The current democracies, political parties, national governments... they are just a distraction! Their sole purpose is to usher in a brave new world of local administrators where all of us are reduced to cogs in a system: A resource to an unseen elite who will own this planet lock, stock and barrel. Seriously... Your wellbeing means fuck-all to them!

Have you ever tried fighting against city council? Have you heard of Penny Bright? Well her cause didn't even come close to the injustice I went through and so let me givew you a quick synopsis now and I promiss I will get back to it and document the full extent of the corruption and collusion that was perpetrated with all the evidence you could eber want to see.

Police respond to a Burglary

Regularly there would be a car parked nearby. Someone sitting there watching my house, sometimes for hours on end before they drive off again in a huff. At the time I assumed it was undercover cops. Presumably a result of undisclosed malicious lies that obsessed haters would have been making to authorities. I already had plenty of evidence that this had been taking place, but I had nothing to hide, so they could sit there and waste their time for all I cared!

Most of the time, either my son, or I would be in, but one day about noon I went to get my prescription from the chemist. Although I had to wait while they prepared it, I couldn't have been gone more than 30 minutes. Apparently my son went out on our bicycle to get some groceries. When I got home, I found the house had been burgled. The thieves had walked past things like my son's laptop computer and made a bee line for my new photography equipment and the budget security camera base-station. They did also snatch some cash and cheap jewelry, but I think this was a raid, motivated specifically to take my cameras because of evil allegations that I would be using them to take pictures of their tamariki (kids).

I phoned the police to report the crime, but it took them 3 days before they came to look. They found no fingerprints and they had already said it was highly unlikely they would. Call me a conspiracy nut if you like, but it wouldn't surprise me if they too were in on it. As explained below the cops had already demonstrated that they also believed the malicious gossip. They seemed to think they were dealing with a pedophile sexual predator and just looking for evidence they could use. The thing about transphobic bigots is that the sick perversions are in their minds, not in mine and they are going to stick with their prejudice no matter what I say or do.

Alternative theory

As you can see on some of the linked security footage, under cover of darkness, youths were regularly sneaking on to my property. They would test windows and doors and then run off laughing. The quality of nocturnal recordings is too low to identify who they are, and even if one could, I doubt they would suffer any consequences for this tresspassing.

Quite possibly some even had an app on their phone to pick up the signal from my wireless security cameras and thus help them avoid detection. This nocturnal scouting might be one way they could have known about the kitchen window round the back of the house being left on a latch, with a tiny gap (just enough to ventilate cooking odours).

I myself was lulled into a false sense of security by having a security camera directly above that window where they had gained entrance, but of course once they got the base station there would be no footage. I have come to believe that a more direct deterrent is necesary, but shall be discussong that in a sequel.

Home security

After I moved to Christchurch my letter box was being raided daily while I was at work. I would only know something was missing when I find the addressed envelopes, blowing down the road and parcels never arrived. At night they would tag my property with graffiti. The police dismissed it all as "just kids" and all they would do, was to file another report. "Monitoring the situation" is what they call that. I soon learned that talking to the police was a complete waste of time for everyone and so I rarely bothered after a while. However all this stopped when I installed a security camera. The actual recordings turned out to be utterly useless, but the perpetrators didn't know that and so for a while the camera acted as a deterrent.

Then about 3:30am one night, bumping and thumping sounds awaken me. I see two athletic tall young people. One standing of the shoulders of the other holding on to the drain pipe near my security camera. I rush out in my onesies to see them dissappear down the driveway with the camera. One of them looks over his shoulder and I glimpsed his face clearly: Curly dark locks of hair protruding from his hoodie, very dark skin and his front teeth prominent, bugs-bunny style. On the back of their black hoodies are white letters, and I suspect they harbour some kind of gangster aspirations, but I can't makeout what it says.

I dial 111 and ask for police. I go through a frustrating session of spelling my name and the street name too, letter by letter to a call center operator up in Auckland. She clearly has no idea about areas in Christchurch.

I accidentally said that they ripped my security camera down and just 'fucking' ran off with it. The operator launches into a tirade about using respectful language. I say I'm sorry. I explain I am still hyped up and that it wasn't aimed at her. She embarks on another pedantic lecture concerning acceptable working conditions. TBH I feel sorely tempted to suggest they replace her with a robot that will be more efficient and less likely to take offense at people who are distressed, but I decide against that, and so the police do actually turn up about 20 minutes later.

Alas, the officer then spends the next half hour talking on the phone about a disturbance elsewhere. Eventually he addresses me, and asks whether the premisses had been breeched. I said 'No, they just took my security camera'. (This time being particulaly attentive to avoid the 'F' word). "That's all good then!" the officer snorts, and off he goes on his way to said domestic dispute elsewhere.

Now I think that stealing a security camera might indicate they were planning further misdemeanors against me in the near future. Later I learned that the conditions would have been ideal to use sniffer dogs to track down the perpetrators, but as far as I can tell, police didn't even try to find out who these young lads with distinctive white writing on their backs might have been. All they actually seem do is to file a report and then forget about it. I myself certainly did notice some wearing hoodies just like it walking past every day after that. Typically with their hoods up. Thus you can't see their face from the side. When I did finally get a new camera I even recorded one, evidently still in the area strolling past and not in the slightest concerned it might dentify him.

There had been a spate of burglaries in the area and coincidentally a sales man from a professional security company turns up to offer a system with a monthly service fee. It was rather expensive, but I thought I would give it a try. A well coordinatd team worked late into the evening to get it up and running and so I didn't realize that as they left they had stuck a big company logo on my letter box.

The very next morning while preparing my breakfast I hear a loud smashing sound. Rushing through to the front of the house I see my letterbox has been smashed. I could not see anyone that might have done that, or how. The security company only allowed indoor use and so there would be no images. Clearly this was not going to work for me so I phoned the company up and asked them to take the system out. They said they had never seen anything like it, but accepted that I cancel our contract under the circumstances.

To me it was beginning to look like serious problem with people in my area, so I bought a new security system. This time I mounted the camera at head height, because previously all one could ever see was the top of their hoodies. The new system worked quite well (for a while) and even recorded audio too, but it would trigger on plants waving in the wind, car head lights at night, cats, hedgehogs, and even spiders spinning a web in front of the lens. There was just too much footage to go through if I didn't immediately notice something had been taken.

Gangs of kids started coming round to shout abuse outside my home, then they would run off laughing. Others turned up with big sticks. They peered in my letter box, wacked it violently and waved their sticks about in a threatening way. There was evidently some kind of defamation campaign against me. What I did do was print and distribute a flier in the area saying "transwomen are people too". On the neighbourly website I also published my pictures of me near attractive gardens and floral displays round the block. I hoped some would realize I wasn't interested in kids. One day I was trying to capture the rising sun refracting in due drops on some roadside plants with a close up (macro) lens about 10cm from the ground. Two women came marching out of a side street. They confronted me, demanding I explaine what I was up to... I realized it was pointless and didn't even dare to take my camera out anymore for a long time.

Here are some random security clips collected over several years and even just now as I type this two girls walking home from school ostentatiously toss a ball to each other in a big arc, right in front of my house. I recognize it looks just like Lucy's glow in the dark balls... indeed one went missing recently, but I have no evidence that it was the same one, or that they threw it in that big arc out there for any particular reason.. just another 'coincidence' no doubt?!

On the occasions that I did call the police, they sneered. "You can't expect us to go round asking questions about kids in the neighbourhood!". None the less I wanted to know what the hell was going on and so I posted some footage on a neighbourly website. I asked if anyone knew who the threatening kids with sticks might be. Then mysteriously the cops did take an interest: They phoned me up and ordered that I take that video down. They claimed the parents had not given permission for me to use it. I complied, but I did wonder what kind of parents would defend their children behaving that way.

Reconizing their school uniform I sent a picture to the school. They emailed me back saying the guilty ones had been identified and reprimanded... for disgracing their school uniform, not for their threatening behaviour. Thankfully the kids did stop after that, but instead now I was now getting hostilities from young adults, like the event in this video, 3 women and a bloke on bicycle. One of them kept smacking me in the face with her cell phone until I tried to knock it out of her hand.

The police were not interested in questioning their motives, even though someone on Facebook had given me one of their names.

A cop did pay me a visit though. I told him I had done nothing to any of these people, ever. I explained that I had no idea who they were, where they might live or why they were doing it. "That's not what I've been told" he sneered. I asked him what he had been told, but was flippantly dismissed by him saying he was "not at liberty to discuss it". He then reprimanded me for confronting people in the street, and warned against following them. I did say there was no law prohibiting me from walking down the road when I feel like it. I also said I thought indecent exposure was against the law and that I expect he would be arresting me if I had been behaving like that outside their home. The cop confirmed beligerently that he definitely would. His advice was that I should put up a 6 foot fence all round my property, or move to a different area. I explained that I don't want my home to feel like a prison, that said fence would soon be target for tagging and that I would have a hard time selling my house due to the Earthquake damage. Wherever I went malicious slander would soon start it all off again. Guaranteeing privacy for anonymous snitches was empowering haters to manipulate authorities to punch down on vulnerable people in society. Utterly despicable and cowardly and I believe I should have every right to face my accusers and demand compensation for the relentless unjustifiable persecution!

Thus I came to realize what a bunch of useless wankers the New Zealand police truly are. I would need to find some other means of defending myself, within the law of course, but definitely without expecting any help from the law.

The Amanda Connexion 2021-10-30

from FONNZA Bitchute Forum

In reply to the adjacent troll post: It doesn't matter if you are Amanda. The slanderous lies you spewed about me originate with her and she has already declared publicly that she has "a personal interest" in your altercation with Carl. Additionally she previously made many reports alleging I abused my child to child protection and those resulted in his coming home from school crying consequent to intrusive interrogations. Accusations that I would be running an internation child prostitution ring kidnapping kids in America also came from her. Malevolent lies motivated by her desire for revenge that I refused to have a relationship with her.

She has been one of the people who forced her way into my home. She physically assaulted me, ripped my t-shirt and smashed things when at the time I had no means of defense other than "shooting her... with my instamatic camera, duh!". I did manage to evict her by force, but she went straight round to the police showing them bruises and saying that I had assaulted her. The police phoned me up. They didn't care what injuries I might have sustained. They said they weren't interested in my "stories" and were "putting me on a charge". "You do that then" I replied, "... but I have a legal right to expel unwanted intruders by force." Then I disconnected the call.

I didn't hear from them again, but Amanda set about spreading her malicious gossip in the community. Sge said that I would be using my security cameras 'to photograph children'. Back then I wasn't into photography but hostilities from local community ensued. A Facebook friend saw some of my footage and realizing I was in a lot of distress e invited me to come share an offseason holiday place on the South coast, just to get away from it all.

He is a professional photographer. He took a picture of me and for once it didn't make me want to hide in shame. He showed me how to use neutral density filter for some amazing nocturnal shots. I had never ebven though of taking pictures in the dark but this inspired me to take it up as a hobby myself. Alas when I got back, WINZ told me I had been out of the country without permission (I had applied but they didn't respond before my flight was due). They also alleged I would have been "working in the sex trade" over there... I ended up walking out of the meeting crying. I just don't know where they were getting such vile ideas from. Was it their own transphobic prejudice, or maybe an anonymous hater making things up to damage me for their amusement.

maori not established

Back then two wahine with moko on their chins were waiting for me and tried to run me down when crossing on a zebra crossing. They reversed and tried again as I dived out of the way. Some still shout abuse at me in the street today, and no, I can't prove they are indeed Maori, you got me there, so I agree to call them niggers instead, happy now? Nigger isn't a race... it's an attitude. You claim to speak on behalf of the Maori party, but you are devoid of mana. You suck and you are a disgrace to them.

I was on my own against hate filled mobs that Amanda had incited with malice and glee, because that's the way you cowards work. Bullies like that don't deserve respect regardless what fucking race you think you are. So don't you tell me to 'look in the mirror' you underhand hypocrite. I have done nothing to be ashamed of EVER and I will defend myself by whatever means I can.

I think it's time I resurect the evidence of what went on and deflate your white-knight for damsel-in-distress BS.