The Resistance

Last updated: 2022-05-16

Enough is Enough

When abuse at the hands of community and authorities goes beyond the pale what can we do? Many shout their outrage in protest, but ultimately they back down, and submit to impositions of the state because as an individual they are ruled by fear.


On this page I hope to document as I shift gear on my campaign to defy the iniquity and say categorically "NO" to the abuse. Certainly I expect to be annihilated but I have no desire to continue living in the emerging Orwellian dystopia of agenda 21. Instead I shall just document as government of the people, for the people and by the people, perishes from the Earth.

2022-05-16 Hive of Shit-stirrers

For about a year now I've been under assiduous attack by cyber trolls with fake identities. They taunt, provoke, bait antagonize and broadcast lies about me on other people's social media. I contacted Netsafe and they advised I take it to court who can have the anonymous trolls unmasked. As discussed elsewhere I've done that, but as yet no conclusion as far as I know.

back stabbing

By pure chance a Google search for something different revealed a Facebook page where a mob of cowardly haters had been congregating to coordinate their underhand assaults on individuals. Their attitude is For holding opinions that we don't like, it's your faulty we are hurting you. - Cyber bullies with lynch mob mentality! There I noticed posts inciting hatred against me personally going back almost a year and it was no surprise that Amanda Rowe (under her maiden-name Amanda Dooley) was the prime instigator. Click the icon to see a gallery of screen shots.

Netsafe determined that there was evidence of harmful communications being perpetrated by Amanda Rowe. My experience has been that correcting her lies with truth, or trying to talk sense to that hateful bitch is counter productive, and so I did ask Netsafe if they could mediate on my behalf. It transpires that said stalker declined to desist from her persecution: A clear statement of intent, for which only coercion now remains to force her to mind her own business.

Netsafe consequently closed the case unresolved and will send me the report I need, so I can innitiate court proceedings (apparently you can't do that under the harmful digital communications act until you have tried resolving it thru Netsafe).

Amanda refuses to desist

I do have an abundance of evidence accumulated over the years, but not all of it is "digital communications" so not sure how to handle prosecuting Amanda yet. Meanwhile, I shall start by organizing my evidence on a dedicated page which I may, or may not choose to share here in public.

hate mob

Here is another gallery of their posts. These are jubilant in victory over Netscape. I just wanna discuss my interpretation.

  1. Facebook terminated my account for "bullying". I had responded to A'Lotta Vageena bragging she had flagged me for breeching Facebook terms somewhere.
  2. My attempt to contest the lies they were posting consequently disappeared, as confirmed by A'Lotta (I'm not sure who they were responding to after that, but it wouldn't have been me for obvious reasons). We do learn she had reported me for not using my real name... Am I seriously to assume her name there is genuine? No, this is a hive of vigilante hypocrites, beyond compare!
  3. We see some more bullying and threats: Their posts, not mine. I had tried to engage intelligently by telling the actual truth. Alas pointless because they are entrenched in their "brutal" delusions on that page: A mob baying to rip me to shreds with a barrage of lies and misrepresentation.
  4. Johnathan Pahaia starts sneering at me and Stuart Duncam seizes the opportunity to project 'raaacism' towards a non white name. Given name Johnathan doesn't suggest color to me and a troll is still a troll, by any other name.
  5. Stuart calls me a "painted clown" and alleges I've been "dropping N bombs" for years. However I never used to have any reason to dislike those of Māori persuasion and neither have I engaged in racially motivated debates in the past.
  6. This hornets nest has been calling me a racist, a rapist and a pedophile all over cyber space for almost a year. Johnathan's screen shot doesn't show what he provoked me with this time, but I had been trying to correct an avalanch of lies from Stuart Duncan. They've been manipulating ethnic communities to behave like a rabid lynch mob. The Māori party, is a racial supremacy cabal if ever there was one and I think they actually want a society rife with racial conflicts.
  7. Johnathan concludes with a threat of malware. When they brag about accounts being hacked and impersonations prevail, how can we believe any of their so called evidence?
  8. I'm not sure why one of their posts says they need me, but they must be fucking stupid if they still don't understand, I'm not out to get Carl. All I wanted is that he stop broadcasting their slander on his forums, and that has been achieved.

I think it's extremely irresponsible that Facebook host this kind of page full of hate mongering. It is targeted at individuals who are not even public figures and often unaware of the slander and distortions, yet Facebook moderation and sanctions are blatantly in their favor. They promote resentments, riots and hate crimes and consequent to their hostilities on another page I'm going to be reevaluating my attitude towards those claiming Tangata Whenua status: They seem to be driven by racist ideology and are screwing the system that was meant to help the down trodden!

Hostility in the Community

After I transitioned gender I experienced a lot of hostility, receiving many threats and suffering ongoing vandalism and theft. I assumed it was just a rough neighbourhood where many ignorant biggots lived and further research did indicate it was indeed a crime hotspot. One time when I called the police I said I had done nothing to these people and the cop sneered "that's not what I heard" but he said he wasn't at liberty to disclose what he had heard let alone from whom.

security logo smashed

I got security cameras but they were targeted repeatedly. A professional security firm put their badge on my letter box and that was smashed the very next morning. They said they had never seen anything like it. These aren't just regular vandals and thieves. These are hate crimes and targeting my security cameras suggested to me they had ambitions to perpetrate more, but the police weren't interested.

hates cameras

I was at the time inspired by a friend to take up photography but burlars took my equipment. I think someone must have been circulating malicious gossip in the community perhaps claiming I was taking pictures of people's kids. It resulted in locals trying to run me out of town. Asking for help with identifing the kids raiding my letter box and threatening me with martial-arts style sticks, I posted a security video on the neighbourly site. The police phoned instructing me to take it down because the parents hadn't given me permission to use it and I realized I wasn't going to get any help from them.

to feel safe in my own home

The police suggested I should move, or put up a big 6 foot fence all round my home. I thought that would make it feel like a prison. I suspect that wherever I would go it would soon start again and I noticed that my home was under surveillance from people in unmarked vehicles. One police officer once told me they were "monitoring the situation"...

Today I would dearly like to know exactly what "situation" he though they were monitoring, so I shall put in an official information request for details of all accusations they have on file against me. Nobody should have to live in fear like this of seething vigilante mobs. Those behind it need to be held to account and forced to desist the persecution and harassment they incite against me.

2022-04-16 Woke mob rule

Some years back, I was being systematically stalked, harrassed and flagged off social media platforms. At the time, I had come out as transgender and was trying to get advice and have discussions about transitioning, hormones and surgery in forums dedicated to that subject. Invariably I met extreme hostility and was either excluded from joining closed groups, or kicked from them by administrators for no given reason. It turns out that there was an ensconced advocate in the trans community defaming and persecuting me, because they though I was somone else. Eventualy I decided most NZ trans groups and forums are in reality just fetish cross dressing clubs anyway, and so not of any interest to me.

Instead, I would strike up online conversations with other trans people that were beyond the reach of group administrator bans, but invariably that would be derailed by trolls and stalkers with whom reasonable discussion was impossible.

transphobe barges in sneering
ethnic cultures with race card

I won't bore you with details here, but by way of example the first is a screen shot of a male radical feminist barging in sneering and then my rational reply was shadow banned. The second was where we were discussing motivation for trans people to have invasive genital surgery (I was wondering how far to go with that myself), but another total stranger hijacks our discussion pontificating how the evil patriarchy inflicts female genital mutilation on children. I had responded that both MGM and FGM should be a choice for the individual once they reach maturity, but that it wasn't the topic of our discussion. Somehow that then triggered more strangers to lambast me for 'raaacism'.

I vaguely remember responding that it was a cultural thing rather than racial, or gender discrimation issue, but it was pointless as our discussion had already been completely derailed.

Let's move on to a video response I made back then to a Youtube by self proclaimed Evil Terf. While many might disagree with my POV, ask yourself if it's fair that my video was flagged off completely, while hers was monetized with a large following of radical bigots. Eventually I did put mine on Vimeo where it hasn't been taken down (yet).

Here is another I also uploaded there. It's about an obsessed hateful stalker that I had the misfortune to have befriended once upon a time IRL - so tenacious, toxic, malevolent and biased and all without any reason that I know of. There can be little doubt she is obsessed and deranged!

hate mongers

Out of sheer malice, the above troll, Amanda Rowe, made many false complaints to authorities that caused me distress and expenses too. She also contacted friends and relatives. She abused various forms of communication to slandered me and provoked 3rd party hostilities, dog-piling by cyber trolls, real life vigilant actions, and vanadalism to my property. She colluded with my siblings to help them cheat me out of inheritance. When I was in hospital with misdiagnosed legionnaires disease and nobody knew if I would live or die, she turned up to gloat. I shall write about her separately because this is one nasty piece of work.

After recent events I've decided enough is enough, I don't have to respect her privacy as she doesn't respect mine. I shall be taking her to court.

uninvited and refusing to leave

Ajacent is a picture of Amanda on my doorstep refusing to leave and moments later she forced her way into my home. She physically assaulted me demanding I hand over my camera. She was drunk.

Apparently she was detained for driving under the influence on her way home. She filed a complaint against me, alleging I would have assaulted her, whereas quite the opposite was the case. The police phoned me up and said they were putting me on a charge. They didn't want to hear "my stories" (nor see my injuries, ripped clothing and damaged bicycle that had been by the door), so I told them I have a legal right to expel unwanted intruders by force and heard no more about it. IMO it does show how authorities allow themselves to be manipulated.

2022-01-20 Speed Trap

When under stress one is prone to make mistakes and so it was that on the way back after dropping Fuego off for his surgery I blundered straight into a classic police speed trap. I don't deny the 'offense', but what I find truly offensive is that police, having recently added considerably to my stress by saying they were too busy to deal with my request for help, do have the resources to station an officer with car, and radar on their speed trap. Then like a soulless machine they punch down hard on me under feeble pretext of creating "safer communities" that way.

Right turn for Christchurch, but no sign

Stressed, sleep deprived and preoccupied I did not remember seeing a speed restriction on the way in and it was beginning to dawn on me that I had missed my turn off. I would have thought the route to Christchurch would merit a sign post out in the country, but no, there was none so I was looking for signs with directions.

100kph to 50

The speed drops from 100kph down to 50 and I failed to react in time. A clasic speed trap! It would be interesting to know how many unwary motorists they do catch there and whether the officers doing so have quotas to meet. Now take a look at the infringement notice. See the Safer Communities Together. Wouldn't a flashing speed warning do more for safety than a penalty after the fact?

Over the years police have done nothing about threats to my safety and crimes perpetrated against me. I have documented their pitiful performance in dealing with crime and shall be documenting intimidation and threats of their own, based on prejudice, unfounded suspicions, or probably false allegations further down on this page. Meanwhile, see their infringement notice says my sex would be Male, although legally both my birth certificate and Passport were ammended subsequent to irreversable surgery and there is no need to gender me at all with this. Are they perhaps hinting I might be some kind of sexual pervert to justify their acting on malevolent lies without challenging bigotry and motives of their anonymous informants?

Protection under the law is universal human right, but I have come to the conclusion that New Zealand police have been providing not one service that I am willing to pay for so I would like to hear whether the judiciary think I should be paying their penalty in full under the circumstances, or maybe whether it is indeed time that they adress the ongoing crimes and defamation being perpetrated against me. Come Hell or high water, I'm not going to let the persecution continue for the next 15 years. Here is what I wrote in reply to their infringement reminder:

I hereby request a court hearing. My reason is that due to the police failing to deal with crimes perpetrated against me while ignoring my submissions I no longer have faith they will be reasonable. I herewith make the following submission for consideration regarding the alleged offence.

1. I was not aware of committing any offense at the time and so I can neither deny nor admit liability for the allegation. It is indeed possible that I did fail to react on time to the speed limit reduction from 100kph down to 50kph. When under a lot of stress people do unwittingly make mistakes.

2. Having been awake most of the night with an injured puppy in pain, I had just dropped it off for some very expensive surgery with Animal Orthopaedics at Lincoln University. I do not know the roads there and on my way back had missed my turn-off for Christchurch. There is in fact no road sign at the actual junction where I should have turned and my mind was on the court case I was trying to bring against haters who have been slandering and inciting hate crimes against me for well over a decade.

3. The police had once again dismissed my appeal for help. Lawyers had advised me that for a few thousand dollars I probably would get a court order, but that there would be nobody to enforce it. I don't have thousands of dollars to spare and so I am still trying to bring the case myself, despite having no legal expertise.

4. It is my contention that this kind of penalty after the fact is not productive. It would serve the community better to install a flashing speed sign than to place an officer with a radar and vehicle there. I believe the police need to put more effort into dealing with the perpetrators and instigators of ongoing crimes against me personally and I request that the court reduces the fine in acknowledgement that I have suffered more than enough physically, emotionally and financially over the years so that adding insult to injury "to teach me a lesson" for my unintentional momentary lapse of attention is not helping anyone.

Ms. F.A. Perduta

Safer Society or Extortion Racket?

Unsafe Driving?

This is not the first time I felt I was being ripped off with phoney traffic infringements. Not that long ago I was fined $30 for doing 55kph in a 50 zone. On clear roads under good conditions these limits are arbitrary and easily exceeded. With many years of experience, I naturally drive at a speed I feel comfortable and in full control. It would divert attention from the road and potential hazards were I expected to watch my speedometer constantly. Pretentious police waffle about speed being a factor in accidents is BS and penalties after the fact are intimidation and profiteering. I even suspect cops are given incentives to get convictions that have nothing to do with making the roads safer.

Decades after divorce I returned to New Zealand and shipt my touring caravan with a few posessions in it from England. I intended to live in it while building my batch in the Marlborough Sounds and maybe do a bit of touring. I had been through a grueling battle with MAF to bring it in to the country and shall write about that separately, but I was finally on my way back up to Picton from Lyttleton when I noticed a cop car tail-gating me. I was well below the speed limit and couldn't think what his problem might be. I assumed he was having an issue with the UK number plates on my trailer, but I was aware that I could carry on using them for up to a year before needing to reregister the vehicle in NZ.

That cop was finishing his shift. Maybe he just wanted to get his weekly quota as he swithched on his flashing lights. I pulled over. He booked me for driving an unlicensed vehicle as well as driving on the wrong side of the road.

At a bend called Hog Swamp there had been some quail toddling along and so with a clear view I had cut the corner to avoid mowing them down. Certainly I did straddle the dotted white line, but AFAIK that is allowed, so I wrote to object to both charges. The police never replied, but took me to court. On arrival I was informed they were dropping the bogus unlicensed vehicle allegation, but the officer and a team of lawyers persevered with stories about foreign people driving on the wrong side of the road. FFS, I thought. In England I had been driving on the Left for decades, just like we do here. The cop alleged he hadn't seen any quail and so it was his word against mine. The magistrate found me guilty and made me pay the court costs too. Thus the system bullies us into silence as it sanctions every attempt to stand against excess and abuse by unelected officials in positions of trust.

Christchurch Call harassment pretext

2019, the 15th of March, an allegedly lone gunman killed 51 people in Christchurch and this event has been used as a pretext for gun confiscations and hunting down alleged alt-right white supremacists although it's highly dubious that the perpetrator actually was one. None the less shortly after, Lucy still a puppy at the time, alerted me to shadowy figures searching my driveway by flash light. I got out of bed, put on my dressing gown and saw they were police officers.

I assumed they were in pursuit of a criminal, so I opened the door and asked them if I could help. The officer approached me and said they would like to question me about my online activity. I asked if it would be OK to put my dog away first and he he said: Yes, please. I returned to the door and told him I had neither Facebook nor Twitter, but I did notice he was holding a printout of my website. I was confident I had posted nothing objectionable there.

He asked me if I had a firearms license and if I had any firearms on the premisses. To both these questions my answer was in the negative. He asked my opinion on gun ownership. I said I thought that if sensible, licensed people had been allowed to conceal carry in our country it would have acted as a deterrent to mad gun men like Brenton Tarrant. I also said someone might have been able to stop him. The officer agreed with this view, then asked me what I thought of Donald Trump. I replied that I thought he was the democratically elected president of the United States. Again the officer agreed. He told me he was satisfied with my replies, and they left.

My main issue today, however, is that this unexpected visit can only have been in response to some kind of informant dobbing me in. A shit-stirrer abusing authorities just to harass on false pretext, motivated by malice, or by extreme paranoia. My intention is to make inquire with the police about the originating complaint on this and a few other matters, but it will take me time to put it together.

WINZ sex trade allegation

Not just police, but also other authorities have been engaged in adhominem war of attrition by faceless coward(s) who gutter-snipe from the sanctuary of anonymity.

A few years ago I was recovering from illness and unable to work. Back then I was receiving a sickness benefit from WINZ. A Facebook friend who I had never met realized the distress I was under from hostilties in my local community. It was off peak tourist season in Australia and he had the use of a holiday villa at budget price, so he invited me over to get away from my situation for a week.

I hadn't been on holiday for years, but knew I would need approval to go abroad, or I would lose benefit for that period. I wrote my application, explaining as best I could how I felt I was at risk of violent assault and how I really needed a short break. I got no reply so I booked it anyway, rather than lose the opportunity.

Having left it so late the only flight still available was very early in the morning. The aitport shuttle came and picked me up at an unsociable hour and I remember being amazed to see big tough guys walking defiantly in the middle of the road forcing the shuttle to wait until they decided to move. It really hit home what a rough area I actually was living in. Coincidentally a friend told me she was burgled just the other night. I replied that I think it high time our police get their act together on fighhting crime, but let's get back to WINZ for now.

tree by flashlight

I had a lovely relaxing holiday. My friend, who is a professional photographer, inspired me with exciting techniques using ND filters and the art of taking time exposures in the dark, while illuminating the subject with a flashlight.

On my return a stroppy letter from WINZ was waiting in my letter box. They alleged I had "left the country illegally", that my benefit had been suspended with immediate effect and that on my return I should make an appointment to come see them without delay. I was shocked at the tone of their letter. They had ignore my application for weeks, but evidently been allerted to my departure and responded within days. While certainly they can make up whatever rules they choose for benefit eligibility, as far as I knew, there was no law prohibiting me from travelling.

official information request

At the meeting the social worker accused me of working in the sex trade. WTF... you can't be serious, I thought! Do I look the part? She was so nasty that I got up and walked out crying. Then I phoned my expensive lawyer who was meant to be dealing with another issue. I asked him to sort it out for me, because I just couldn't deal with it. This episode certainly cost me in more ways than one, and I still want to know whether said allegation was based on their personal prejudice against trans people, or was it due to a malevolent informant. I sent the above official information request and they have forwarded it to my case work from back then. One might wonder what is the point, but if I just continue to suffer in silence while cackling trolls guffaw in glee behind their keyboards at all the distress they cause me, then nothing is going to change until they've bullied me into an early grave and even that won't actually shut them up. Depending on the outcome of my inquiry I now intend to sue them, among others for all the legal expenses I incurred consequent to their malicious and false allegations. I suspect they will find things less amusing by the time I've finished with them... so "watch this space" as they say, I'll be back!

Judicial Stalker

I had been doing a course at Christchurch Polytechnic to refesh computer programming skills. On LinkedIn I created a profile, including a brief CV and was looking for work. Someone from an IT company did visit, but did not contact me. Also people "In the Law Practice industry from Auckland" who didn't contact me either. I couldn't imagine why they would be interested, but just shrugged it off. Then I got this one, which I found distressing.

Am I just being paranoid and over sensitive? Is it perfectly normal for Principal Advisor at New Zealand Ministry of Justice to check out IT students, or could it be that a sinister shit stirrer had been trying to frame me for God knows what?

I decided to protect myself by deleting my account. I stopped looking for work and didn't bother completing the course. Up against much younger people, I doubt I would ever have got a job anyway.