Last updated: 2021-11-13

When bugs bite

Exploring how best to do my anti-social media here. It's just for me really and simplest is to simply bung new updates onto the head of the thread, that way I get straight to what's new and current and can scroll down into the permafrost of antiquity if and when I want to.

I also came up with the idea to set the page backdrop image simply by naming the image the same as the page, but with .jpg file type. Then I added some code to my rendering engine to automatically pick up on that. I wanted to get Facebook and Gab to use it too when linking my page but that doesn't work yet.

Spent most of 2021-11-12 tracking down an illusive bug in my website engine: The image format produced by recent open camera auto-update on my cellphone doesn't conform to the standard! Php mime-content-type doesn't recognize them as images. Thus my script can't make the reduced size versions. I had to work round it by opening the images with Gimp and then saving them again, which writes the proper mime data.

2021-11-13 update

It rained all morning and my weeds seemed to be growing before my eyes, by late afternoon it brightened up and bumble bees were bumbling about the flowers.

Somehow untrammeled nature has so much more charm than neatly tended suburban lawns, but judging by this note that kids posted in my letter box a while back not everyone agrees.

In a free society we can all suit oursleves. Alas not so in one where the "greater good" of collectivism reigns supreme.

2012-11-11 Sowing Wild Seeds


Reminiscing sitting in the meadow behind our house as a child I had planted a load of wild flower seeds in my back garden a few years back. It was quite pretty (see gallery) but the next year they had not self seeded and the tough rye grass had got out of control. None the less, the other day I was again inspired by some wild flowers someone had planted down by the river (the backdrop on the left).

Now the patch in front of my house has been barren and I left it to grow weeds because grass just kept dying anyway. This year the weeds were looking rather healthy. Most of them actually edible, so I though I might have a another go with some wild flower seeds and made this video when I planted them.

I have heard that some flowers, like poppies actually thrive on poor quality soil. Sadly my experience has so often been that someone will just come and wreck whatever I've done just to be an ass hole.

2012-11-12 Cyber bully trolls

Sure enough an obnoxious cyber troll who doesn't even live in the area seized the opportunity to taunt and threaten. He made two videos shopping for weed killers and posted links on forums that I frequent. In these he used my old doll avatar from way back when I was still trying to be anonymous online. Thus he was directing his videos at me personally while confirming he's stalking me. I won't bother linking his crap, but of 6 video's he's made so far, 3 are about dobbing my dog in for not being on the lead and the latest two, I interpret to mean that he plans to spray my flower seeds with weed killer.

New Normal of the Left

This is typical behaviour of leftwing agitators. Antifa, BLM, Extinction Rebellion, or just obnoxious trolling, these utterly mindless cretins have been empowered for years now by big tech censorship. Some are even getting paid for it.

Fear and psychological intimidation, is an instrument of communism. It's the foundation of Jacinda's compassionate (sarcasm) social credit snitch society, but I will be delving into that as a topic in it's own right.